Hollywood Week I

Since I am now an Idol Blogger…:)

One of the things I noticed right away in the current crop is there seems to be real fire in their eyes. These are not people who are aiming for third place because that’ll probably mean a record contract. These are people who want to win, and are willing to do what it takes to win.

They weren’t shy or unassuming, they weren’t mild little guitar players – and I suspect the producers judges kept them away from Hollywood, and if they got through, caught them this round. In fact, it makes me wonder why so many people succeeded in begging for Golden Tickets. This year, they wanted people who would do what they could to win.

But they still had to be able to sing. It didn’t matter how sad their stories were, or how big their hair was, or even how quirky they were. They had to be able to take a song and deliver it.

And tonight, Steven, Paula and Randy chose people who can do that. At least, they can deliver familiar songs solo and a capella – of course, a capella is difficult. They chose people who could sing on pitch. And that’s necessary because American Idol is one of the few sources of singers who can do that. No autotune for our contestants – thank goodness.

So, big voiced girls got through – Lauren the pimped, Paris with the special needs daughter, Jacqueline of the couple, Tiffany the annoying (sorry), Hollie who shouted – they got through.

James of the big range and bigger sob story (who is NOT and never will be Adam Lambert, and it’s entirely unfair to compare them. In fact, it’s entirely unfair to compare any current contestant with past ones. They’re all different. We don’t need another Kelly, another Carrie OR another Adam. We need a Brett or a Lauren or a Paris.) got through, as did Chris with the smaller voice and whose fiancee is “getting better.” I so very much hope that’s true.

The boys had a different range – some, like Jacee, were sweet. Clint of the deep voice went through. Nick of the couple did not sound well and didn’t stay. But he did beg, and that was just sad. Begging might get you TO Hollywood. It won’t get you through it. Please, contestants, don’t beg if you get that far. Keep your dignity.

Other than James, who grates on me, all of the boys had pleasant listenable voices. None of them were as big as the girls’, though.

And the really annoying Victoria (my twitterfeed was totally unanimous in this – sorry, my dear) went home.

Definitely a decent episode, and I’m looking forward to both Group Night and the Green Mile. Vegas confuses me still.


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