Grammy Anticipation

We’ve been waiting for this for this since early December, after that amazing night when we found out about the nomination. We’ve been hoping for so much – a performance, a televised category, a presentation, a WIN. And on Sunday, it all ends, and we don’t know what to think.

But remember back on that night – how excited we all were, how happy and tearful and disbelieving that a guy less than two years out of American Idol with only one album and three singles, a guy who, for reasons that had NOTHING to do with his talent, couldn’t get a record deal any other way – could be nominated alongside Michael Jackson and John Meyer and Michael Buble, with all their years in the business, and with Bruno Mars, who is also new but who has a half dozen other nominations as well.

Remember how vindicated we all felt that night – this proof that being fans of this man was the way to go?

I still feel that way. I still feel like this is as amazing and impossible as Adam himself. No other Idol alum has ever been nominated for this award – selected as one of the best among his peers, among LEGENDS in his field.

I’m going to be honest. I’d have loved for him to have sat on that stage next to P!nk and sung a sweet acoustic WWfM, or to have taken part in a tribute to Freddy Mercury and Queen. (Okay, even without Adam, I’d love a tribute to Freddy.) I would love to see the camera flash to his face as the presenter lists his name among those others in whatever order. I’m not even going to talk about seeing him actually, you know. That. That’s for another post.

Because this is vindication. This is proof that a magnificent voice with all the control of talent and training, backed with an intelligent mind with a deep and broad musical talent, is still valued in the world of pop music. That it really doesn’t matter that he comes from a television competition, or that he’s gay or even that he sometimes does outrageous things. What matters is that when he opens his mouth and sings, he creates beauty. He was chosen out of 100s of others submitted for this award, and the other singers in his category are/were also known for their singing ability as opposed to their abilities to perform on stage while miming words.

They are his peers at a time when so few are, and this nomination says so loudly, says so clearly. It says he has the potential to be a legend himself (Gd willing, that will happen, but nothing in this world is guaranteed, and that least of all.)

Doors opened that night. I wouldn’t be surprised if the budget for his next album increased, and if more collaborators became available (although I’d think that the ability to write for his voice would be incentive enough. It certainly was for FYE, so there’s no reason it would be different for Adam2.) And whatever happens on Sunday will not change any of this. Will not make us any less vindicated.


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I'm a devoted fan of Adam Lambert, but also of cooking, knitting, science fiction and pretty anything pop culture. I'm @_mamadeb on Twitter.
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3 Responses to Grammy Anticipation

  1. Sue says:

    You are SOOOO right! Thanks for expressing this beautifully. I’m not sure I NEED vindication- I’d love him no matter what!

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