Last Year at This Time

Rock My Town was a year ago tonight – the Kradison concert that Ryan Seacrest sponsored in an attempt to show that he could make his mark in that field, too. He didn’t do one this year, but then why would he? Lee, Crystal, Casey, Big Mike – none of them are that electrifying. To coin a phrase. I truly hope that this year it’s different.

You guys remember the competition – Kris, Adam and Allison from Season 8 of American Idol, the three signed to pop/rock labels, were going to perform a concert in a city voted in by the fans. Very, very quickly, it came down to three cities – Little Rock, Arkansas, LA and NYC. NYC needs no reason (I’m a very proud New Yorker), and neither does LA, except that it’s Allison’s hometown and where Adam lives now, while Kris hails from a suburb of Little Rock. And Kris, his friends, his family and his fans (including a Jim Cantiello bribed with dinner by Mrs. Allen) pushed HARD for Little Rock. Really hard – hard enough that it beat out LA.

And then Adam tweeted. It wasn’t even his tweet – it was a quote (he even had, iirc, quotation marks around it.) But it was in support of NYC, which actually had been in the lead for his fans anyway. Not entirely sure why, although I was all for it. Anyway, that tweet was enough. NYC won handily. (This is a recurring theme. Adam makes one tweet and we obey. Fortunately, he uses his powers for good.)

I’ve seen the video from the concert, and it was amazing from all three of them, and the final trio was just wonderful. You could see the friendship was still strong then. But Adam was pure glam rock star, from his rhinestoned eyes and dark, dark lipstick to his boots, and he rocked the place. He owned that little theater.

Then we found out why he was in NYC – he had two acoustic recording sessions, for I Heart Radio and VH-1 Storytellers (he’d been picked to inaugurate their first new season in a long time.) And he had interviews and he went to a couple of fashion shows, too.

There were a number of milestones in that concert. That was when Adam discarded the last of his Idol image to show the wild man inside, and to show he was always better than Idol (okay, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t his intention, but that was the result.) It showed the power of his fandom that we got him to NY, where he needed to be.

And it was, other than radio concerts, the last time he’d ever open for someone else. I’m sure he didn’t realize it at the time – I don’t think they were doing any planning for his tour yet, and he was thinking that, realistically, he’d be on someone else’s headlining tour. In fact, he said so only a month or so later when he was asked who’d be opening for him. We had no idea he’d be the star of a worldwide tour at the time, although some of us were wondering just WHO he could open for. I think that was the major debate at that point.

I think all of those in that debate are really happen things turned out so differently.


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