Consolation (we don’t need it.)

We don’t, my dears.

A half hour ago, or so, I will admit to some feelings. I was disappointed. I was sad. I very much wanted to hear Adam’s name being called, to see him happy and unbelieving and gorgeous as he received the little gramophone. I wanted to be part of a glorious Twitter celebration, to write a tearful and happy post here.

People were comparing how we were feeling before the award to the way we felt on that late May night back in 2009, and they were right to a degree. I was tense, I was nervous, I could hardly breathe, just as I was then. But afterward, I felt very different. I felt ANGRY then. I’d spent a night getting busy signal after busy signal , because I felt Adam deserved to win. Everyone seemed to think Adam deserved to win. KRIS thought Adam deserved to win. So to see him lose, to know he’d be called a “runner-up” for at least a year, even to hear (and say) the words, “Adam will be just fine” – these made me angry.

And, well, we know what happened. He was “just fine”. He was more than fine. We were on a roller coaster ride, but mostly we were going up. We saw him take on fame and celebrity with more grace than most of us could imagine, and we watched him lend his glorious voice to new music that he made his own. We watched his album sell when others couldn’t and can’t. We watched his tour sell out when others canceled.

We watched him succeed beyond any but our highest expectations.

So when Adam got that Grammy nomination, we were ecstatic. Amazed. Disbelieving. Because he’d already gone so far. And that was wonderful, and validating and vindicating, and probably opened doors – and erased “Idol runner-up” for all time. Not that that wasn’t already disappearing, to be replaced by the innocuous “Idol alum” or variations of “star”, modified by “super” and “rock” and “pop” and “glam”. And, of course, “openly gay” was pretty much gone as being old news. But now he’d be “Grammy nominee” forever, unless…

Well, nothing has changed. It’s still wonderful and amazing, and those doors are still open, and Grammy nominee is a title of honor that won’t go away no matter what. And I’m not angry at all because just by getting the nomination, his talent was acknowledged, and that someone else won is not a reflection on him or the voters.

And Adam looks absolutely amazing in those red carpet pictures – gorgeous, happy, sexy – and that’s more than enough to dispel the last of the sadness. He’ll be able to get back to work on that second album and give us the new music we crave.

And he, and we, will be just fine. More than fine.


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I'm a devoted fan of Adam Lambert, but also of cooking, knitting, science fiction and pretty anything pop culture. I'm @_mamadeb on Twitter.
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