The night of Adam’s nomination, I wrote a semi-coherent Twitlonger on this theme. The night of Adam’s nomination, we all were semi-coherent at best.

I expect that if a miracle happens later today, we will not be coherent at all.

It IS validation. It’s the industry saying to the world in general, “We don’t care how this person came to our attention, or the results of that show. We don’t care if he plays an instrument. And we certainly do not care with whom he sleeps, or how much glitter he wears. What we care about is how he sings – and he sings well enough to be considered one of the top five singers of this year.”

I’m being too dramatic here, because they’re not thumbing their noses at Idol or homophobes. They don’t care, or they shouldn’t care. It’s much simpler and more profound than that. What they’re saying is that Adam can sing. Which we know, which anyone with functional ears know, and that he deserves this award. That’s it, but that’s enough.

Because all the beauty and intelligence and sweetness and charisma in the world – and he has those – would be meaningless if he didn’t have the goods. He is a SINGER first and foremost, one who has worked hard to train his Stradivarius of a voice until it did what he wanted it to do and who continues to work to improve it. How else does a man *finish* a grueling six month, 120 show tour sounding BETTER than he did the first month?

And he didn’t have to do this. I’m pretty sure his untrained voice would still be amazing – look at all the comments for James of the sob story? You know he never got a lick of voice lessons. Just as Adam could have coasted at least a little after FYE’s success, like other Idols, but he won’t do that.

This nomination shows that the industry recognizes this – this validates all of his hard work, and makes the further hard work of celebrity and stardom worth it all. And he got this at the start of his career, and with a song he recorded during the Idol tour – imagine how he’s going to sound on Adam2.

Imagine how he’ll sound on Adam5.

Because his peers did that when they gave him this nomination – not for best new artist, although he deserves that, too, but for the essence of who he is, and this is validation and credibility and a sign of how bright his star really is (Thank you, Clive.)

In a few hours, we will know how far he’s risen tonight – but no matter what, he’s gotten a major seal of approval right now and nothing will ever change that. If he wins,that will be miraculous and wonderful and I expect to cry buckets, but if he doesn’t, I won’t shed a tear because nothing can be a disappointment right now – he’s a star and he will only rise.


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2 Responses to Validation

  1. Mary says:

    Chills, tears of joy…running the gamut of happiness reading this. Thank you for putting what we all feel into words.

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