RuPaul’s Drag Race S3Ep5 + Untucked

Just assume there are spoilers. Because there will be.

Five episodes in, and there’s just enough gone that I can tell who the players are, and enough footage that I feel I know something about them.

The first challenge – apparently, the worst scandel they could come up with was exposing private parts – some fake, and one disturbingly real. Stacy has a bigger cup size than I do. I did find it funny that fake vaginas were blurred out but a very real boob, even if attached to a man, was not. Raja was, not surprisingly, the most original.

Okay, fine. I am biased. It’s Sutan/Raja, after all. The straight men of Adam’s Glam Troupe call him “life partner” and “tranma”, and they all seem to love him and to have missed him when he was off doing this. Adam clearly adores him, and Adam has proven to be a good judge of character. And in troupe vids and such, Sutan comes across as sweet and lovely. And it’s very clear he’s intelligent, which is a major point in her favor. Plus, Raja winning would make Adam very happy. So, I am very biased.

On the other hand, I look at Raja, and I see Sutan. It’s not her fault – her skills are there, and she does create a feminine illusion. I just can’t help it. It’s always the vase for me, never the faces.

That said – her wig, the blood marks, the attitude – it wasn’t sexy, or campy but it was funny and it was different. And she’d know from paparazzi, which isn’t the case for a lot of the other queens.

The newscast – this was, imho, a disaster for most of them. Raja and Delta worked very well together. Delta is my second favorite – she makes a gorgeous big queen, and she has a brain in her head as well (plus a tongue – oh, my.) Shangela, in my opinion, RULED the challenge. If she didn’t win, it was because her runway look really wasn’t there. Too floaty and she does still often look like a pretty boy in a dress.

I hated Manila. I was uncomfortable with the extreme stereotype. (It’s the same way I feel about Fran Drescher’s “The Nanny.” Yes, she’s also Jewish, but it’s not pleasant seeing ALL the negative stereotypes about people like me on one of the few representatives.) It wasn’t funny at all to my eyes. She LOOKED gorgeous on the runway – pineapple and all, and I guess it was funny, but I did not like it. Sorry, Raja.

Yara…she played it right. She listened to Debbie and she was funny. India was dead. Stacy was bland. Carmen was forgettable. Mariah was…oh, dear. Just pretty. These are not actors, these are performers and it just doesn’t work to make them act.

They wanted India gone. They hated her runway dress, although it was a relief to see that breastplate disappear. And Stacy *did* lip-sync better (and yes, she belonged where she did, and she knew it.) So Stacy stays another week to try to improve. What she needs to do is move to a city, interact with other queens and learn her craft better. I think she can.

As for “Untucked” – the most telling scene was the silence – here are Delta and Raja having a wonderful time trash talking the others – and the other three are saying nothing. When Delta and Raja were in the bar, they led the conversation. (And I loved how Delta defused the race talk with a bit of humor.) What I also found hysterical was Delta and Raja telling Carmen the absolute truth of what they were saying, but in a way that Carmen just did not believe it. Not sure if that was on purpose or not. And, yes, Raja and Delta did get way bitchy. I kinda loved that.

And, um. I’m hoping for a lsfyl between Shangela and Raja. Because it would be so very funny. I suspect Raja is going to be final 3, and I, of course, want her to win, but I wonder if Ru does. If not Ru, then Delta. As a big biological woman, I’d love a “big girl” to win.


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