Hollywood Week – Group Night and Solo Day

Group Night

This is usually the best night of the non-live shows. I mean, what could be better than 3-5 virtual strangers who are all competing for the same few slots working together to learn harmonies and choreography in one night? Especially when many of them have never done either harmony OR choreography and they have to work all of that out themselves? It’s designed for drama. Which is probably why they do it – I mean, last year they skipped half the group numbers on the live show.

And this year has fifteen year olds (and their mothers) in this particular pressure cooker (and actually came off rather well.)

And they had plenty of drama, starting because the survivors of Day One chose their groups and began practicing that night, and then it turned out all the groups had to have members of both days. I’m not sure this happened before. So we had groups advertising for Day Two people and reshuffling and then people changed groups even afterward, or were kicked out. We had break downs and rivalries and threats of tasering.

And then came the performances, and…well, some were very good and some were very bad, as you’d expect. And then there was the embarrassment of Lauren Alaina’s group. I love Steven Tyler and I think he’s making this season so far, and I do NOT need to see him perving on girls who could be his granddaughter – or to see one of them practically give him a lap dance. Although hearing him sing “Yes I am” to the suggestion that he was “Some Kind of Wonderful” was fun. And, to his credit, he didn’t seem to argue to keep anyone but that horrible overpimped NOT Kelly Clarkson Lauren. Who can sing, darn her.

And there was teen-age boy drama with Jacee and Scotty, and I think Scotty might like Jacee in confusing ways. Or not.

And then they winnowed them down to 100.

Solo Day

This was their final audition shot, with instruments (sometimes their own) and songs from a list. I did find it interesting that men and women sang the same songs, which means there wasn’t necessarily boys and girls lists, as they had for 2009 – Adam asked if he could choose a song off the girls’ list because he didn’t see any he liked on the boys’ list. But everyone sang “Georgia” and “God Bless the Child” and “Wonderful World” and “Change” and that Dolly Parton song.

I still didn’t get as tired of those as I did of “‘Forget’ You” or Bruno Mars the day before.

Lauren was horrible and sang a gorgeous “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” – and it does show chutzpah to sing that song in front of Steven. Scotty missed the lyrics to the Dolly Parton song. Casey Abrams sang “Georgia” as he played a bass violin, which was amazing and wonderfu and a real change from keyboards and guitarsl and I want to see more of him. Also want to see more of Jacob Lusk and his wonderful jazzy tones.

And then we go to the rooms. And room one had many of the big names – Lauren, Casey, Robbie, James (whose solo we didn’t see), Jacee, Brett – as well as Ashley who broke down group night and who strikes me as being too fragile to go on. But they did. Room two had no one of note and they were sent home, as was room three, which meant Chelsee, who was the sole survivor of a pair of couples and was traumatized because her friend and roommate got so ill she couldn’t continue, went home. Room 4 had featured people, and anyway they wouldn’t just keep one room. So, yeah. Scotty stayed.

And there will be a final winnowing singing Beatles in Vegas before we go to the Green Mile. And then there is the top 24 and we go live.


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