Will Adam be on Idol This Season

Adam’s been asked if he were going to perform on Idol this year. His answer was “I don’t have new music, so probably not.” This makes perfect sense, since the vast majority of people who go on Idol do so to introduce/push a new single. The only exceptions are former Idols who might go on to sell a charity single or remind people they exist (of course, they’re only reminding Idol fans who are probably still aware anyway.)

Adam went on last season to give WWFM a final push to get it into the Billboard top ten. That he was offered a chance to mentor that year’s crop, and so was the first and possibly last former contestant to do so was an extra. Despite what Ken Warwick said, it was also a pretty blatant and successful attempt to stop them from hemorrhaging viewers for at least one week. And it was all good for Adam, who did a fine job as a mentor and sang WWFM beautifully.

But he has no new music this year. He’s writing it now (well, he’s on vacation now, but he’ll resume when he gets back) but none it will be released until the end of summer at the earliest. He does have some things to promote, of course – the dance remix of Aftermath for the Trevor Project and the tour CD/DVD. However, neither of these things are marketable on Idol. I honestly can’t see how he could sell the CD/DVD – that’s not something that can be sold with a live performance on the Idol stage. It simply couldn’t be the same as the concert footage.

As for Aftermath – yes, Idols have done charity singles in the past. David Cook sang an acoustic version of his song “Permanent” on the 2009 finale, and both he and Kris Allen sang covers for singles to be sold on iTunes for charity during 2010. All of these singles were the actual performances from the show and none of them did particularly well.

Now, I’d love for Adam to sing a lovely acoustic Aftermath, well, anywhere. Of course I would – it’s gorgeous and people should hear it. However, what he made was a dance remix. I’m not even sure that’s singable live, or suitable for an Idol performance. And he’s not selling an Idol performance, he’s selling the remix he already has recorded. Or, rather, donating.

Here’s the thing, though. I’m betting it’s Adam’s decision. They have him in the opening credits – they’re going to want him on a show. They know he’ll bring ratings, too. And I can’t see 19 refusing permission (I don’t think it’s the label’s decision at all, but I can’t see why they’d mind. There’s about thirty slots for result show performances. They can afford for him to take one – and then there’s always the finale, too.) So if Adam doesn’t want to go on Idol, for whatever reason – he wants to leave it behind, he doesn’t want to look desperate, he wants to go when he has new music – he won’t. Just like he chose to not go on the finale this past season.

Of course, they never told him there was going to be a Simon tribute, and he could have looked really bad for passing that up (and lining up in a white outfit with the other nonwinners.) In fact, a Popeater article tried to do that very thing. If so, it backfired because the media only noticed that he wasn’t there and it made THEM look bad. They may well want him this year – and if so, they’d better give him a reason to go.


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