RuPaul’s Drag Race S3Ep6 + Untucked

One comment I see a lot in reviews of RPDR this season is that the one thing they wait for is to see what Raja is wearing on the main stage. It is impossible to predict – will it be Marie Antoinette? Will she go global? Will she out glam everyone without a hint of padding?

Doesn’t that sound familiar, my darlings? Those of us who watched American Idol Season 8 know that EVERYONE, even those who didn’t like Adam, could not wait to find out how he’d do the theme that week – what would he sing, how would he sing it, how would it be staged? What would he wear? How would he do his hair?

Raja doesn’t sing. She plays a more extreme version of dress-up than Adam does. So do the other queens on the show, of course, but she does it differently.

And we’re also watching to see what she says, because she, along with Delta and, yes, Shangela, is one of the more articulate contestants.

This week, it was game show day – a game of S**t RuPaul says for the mini-challenge – and the final three were, in fact, Raja, Delta and Shangela. The prize was a phone call home, which Shangela wanted very much. So Delta, who won, gave it to her. And never mentioned it again – no word about how nice she was. Shangela, for her part, took the gift for what it was – a lovely gesture – and was appropriately grateful. It was nice to see on all sides.

Main challenge was “Snatch Game”, based on the old Match Game show. One touch – Gene Rayburn, the host, always used a distinctive microphone with a long slender body and a roundish head. Almost a magic wand. RuPaul’s mic looked just like it. The queens had to impersonate a celebrity. We had Cher (Delta), Imelda Marcos (Manila), the real Tyra Banks (Raja, who works for her), Mo’nique (Stacy after she decided not to do Anna Nicole Smith), Tina Turner (Shangela), Joan Crawford (Mariah), J.Lo (Carmen), Alicia Keys (Alexis) and Amy Winehouse (Yara). Some (Raja, Alexis, Stacy, Manila) were more successful than others (Shangela, Mariah, Delta, Yara.)

The runway show was dress in your favorite outfit. Raja wore a green and red skirt, hoops around her neck, a bra with rings around it, a red forehead and a short straight wig. She looked very Raja. I thought Stacy looked good, given her size. The elements weren’t good – a gold lame coat, polyester pants, that awful wig – but it worked with her and she sold it with her face. She won. Did she deserve it? Raja did, although Alexis was brilliant as a butch, pregnant Alicia. But now she has a win and we will see what follows.

Delta and Mariah lipsynced for their lives. Delta wore a becoming red wig but I wasn’t feeling her glittery pantsuit – of course, I HATE pantsuits, and her Cher was just bad. Mariah was…pretty. She does pretty very well. But she does an awful Joan Crawford. And she didn’t know the words to the song, whereas Delta was professional through and through and stayed. And yet Mariah believes she lost for reasons other than her performance. Eyeroll

We learned during Untucked that there is history between Raja and Shangela – Raja styled Shangela for the reunion show, even making the corncob wrist corsage for her, and Shangela returned all of the things Raja had lent her damaged in some way. Shangela actually thinks Raja thinks she’s competition. No one is competition for Raja – if she loses it’s because Ru wants a more conventional drag queen.

And while Raja and Delta can get bitchy, Shangela gets downright nasty. She’s smart and funny and with more polish would make a lovely queen, but I’m starting to dislike her a lot.


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5 Responses to RuPaul’s Drag Race S3Ep6 + Untucked

  1. Tom says:

    Sorry I am late to the party, but I just bought season 3 of RPDR and PRDR season 3. Can someone answer the question I have about Raja mentioning the Reunion episode when they were still in competition? Or was she simply mentioning the styling (and when would that have been? Before the season even began?) I guess it is more of a production question, but if someone can clear it up for me here, I would really appreciate it. I LOVE RPDR and right now I am gagging on season 3 here in 2017!

    • mamadeb says:

      I’m not sure I know what this is about. The Reunion happened months after production.

      • Midmodtom says:

        Thank you! I was probably drinking when I posted that and forgot the important details. I bought season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and season 3 of Untucked. In the Untucked episode of season 3 episode 6 “The Snatch Game” Shangela criticized Raja’s impression of Tyra Banks, and Shangela complained that she and Raja used to be friends until the competition. Raja complained that in the past, Shangela had returned borrowed items damaged and had used her, and many of the others agreed that Shangela continues to get other queens to help her in the competition because her own skills are poor. Raja says to Manila and Carmen in the Gold Bar “Shangela and I have a little bit of a past, you know, I’ve said it so many times, I helped her out like I helped her with so many things and she basically fucked me over. I lent her a lot of things for her to wear to the Reunion Show. I helped her style the whole thing! I made that retarded corn thing on her arm. I made it for her because I liked her, but what people warned me about was that she is a user, she uses people”. Shangela even says to Alexis and Stacey in the Lounge, in the same Untucked episode, that SHE made the metal corn piece “at Raja’s house”. If the reunion is filmed months after (which must be true because they talk about things that have happened after the show aired) how is their mention of the Reunion Show during the actual season?

      • mamadeb says:

        This was Shangela’s SECOND season on RPDR. She was a surprise addition to the third year. So she’d gone to the previous year’s reunion.

      • Midmodtom says:

        Oh my! I thought they were talking about the season 3 reunion, clearly! I Googled the second season and there is a gif out there of Shagnela shaking her corn during the Reunion. Thanks for setting me straight, I thought I’d uncovered something … not that I wanted to!

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