American Idol: Vegas and Beatles

Yeah, I know. Days and days late for this post, but I’ve seriously been busy. Sometimes, even fanatic Adam and reality fans have lives. And then there was the prospect of watching three hours of Green Mile in a ROW, and I just plain couldn’t.

So. Beatles in Vegas.

First thing was they made me feel OLD. I mean, people who never heard a Beatles song ever? People so young they probably don’t even remember that Paul McCartney even had a group called Wings, let along the one before? Whippersnappers. On my LAWN.

And they had to learn these ANCIENT and entirely NEW to THEM songs as trios and duos in less than 24 hours, with staging and everything. I actually like that they did staging – means we might get some good visuals during the competition.

James and Stefano did a very good job. I’m going to talk more about James later. In a different post. Because I think that that’s something that needs discussion. Pia and Karen, both LaGuardia alumnae, did a lovely job. (Note – my beloved and much missed father-in-law, z”l, taught trumpet there for many, many years and my sister-in-law was there for flute.) I think they’re going to be front runners, and NOT for the LaGuardia connection.

Jacob,Naima and Haley did a very nice “Long and Winding Road.” I do think that Jacob oversang a bit, but if he learns more subtlety, I think he’ll go far. Love, love, love Naima.

I thought Jerome, TaTanisha and Lakiesha were fun when they did “I Saw Her Standing There.” And I have to say, I’ve been enjoying the judging – funny, sweet but to the point and not afraid to be honest.

I think Paul has an interesting voice, but it’s too whispery for me. I loved his and Kendra’s arrangement of “Blackbird” – it works beautifully as a country song.

Ashley Sullivan got married. In pleather pants and a veil in the same chapel Britney showed respect for the sacred institution. This bodes so, so, SO well. The camera guy was their witness.

Thia and Melina did a poor job with “Little Darling”. So much for the vocal coach from hell. Ashley, still in wedding outfit, and Sophia, do a poor job with “We Can Work it Out.” Cute touch – Ashley Suraiva, italics and all. Since I don’t think Ashley was that great a singer OR emotionally equipped for the show, I’m happy she was cut.

Lauren, Denise and Scotty – Scotty singing a song totally out of his comfort zone in both genre and range. I thought it was a lot of fun,and they seemed to think so, too. “Hello, Goodbye” is apparently not a simple song, either.

Casey and Chris perform on a BED. Aaron, Robbie and Jordan sing “Gotta Get You Into My Life” – do not get the giant cross, but whatever. They were good. Love Robbie.

And one third get cut. And then we go to the Green Mile and I couldn’t. I’m so sorry, my darlings. I just couldn’t. There are lists out there and we know Chris Medina was cut to great sorrow and editing.

I did watch one final song, though,and that does deserve it’s own post.


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