American Idol Top 24 Boys Night

Well,that was very interesting indeed.

Twelve boys. Three judges. One host. Apparently, no staircases on the new stage. And I’m not sure they and I heard the same thing at all.

Clint sang “Very Superstitious.” He was not great. And the judges loved him. Jovany sang “I’llBe (Your Crying Shoulder)” and strained at it, and only Randy agreed. Steven and Jennifer loved it. This will be a pattern. Not a good one. Maybe it’s because they’re judging on tv now?

Jordan sang “OMG”, and moved like Usher. Got criticized by all of judges for being out of his box. Bad Jordan, bad! He agreed, though. Tim sang “Streetcorner Symphony”, a song I do not know. I don’t know many songs. I liked him. Of course, the judges didn’t. Ah, well.

Brett sang “Light My Fire.” And with his red hair tossing around, he tried. I don’t think he quite managed that song, but he tried and he was cute. Judges LOVED him. James sang “Another Think Coming” by Judas Priest. And, yes. This was good. He showed more control than I’d expected and he didn’t sound, to me, like an Adam wannabe. Good for him. Judges worshipped him. (Still not voting for him. Okay, probably not voting.)

Robbie sang “Arms of an Angel.” And he’s sweet and has a lovely voice, but he can’t do Sarah McLachlan. It was a tad beyond him. Randy agrees. Scotty sang, with his deep, deep voice, a country song I do not know, “Letters from Home”, and he smiled and related to the audience and it was very, very good. Judges all agreed. Stefano murdered “Just the Way You Are” and not in a good way.
Paul sang “Maggie May”, a song I love. I’m not a fan of Paul’s whispery voice, but in this case, it worked beautifully. I enjoyed it a lot. Judges agreed.

Jacob sang “A House is Not a Home” and I’m at odds with a lot of people, because while he has a gorgeous voice, he totally oversang this, overwhelming the melody. I think if he gets over that, he’ll be amazing, but not sure where he’d go. Judges worshipped him.

And Casey – my darling Casey. He sang “Spell on Me” in a rough,beautiful voice and just killed that song. It was so not karaoke. Total HAC artist at best, and I’m not sure he’ll sell, but I like him so much.

Will stay – Casey, Jacob, James. Might stay – Robbie, Scotty, Brett, Paul. Will go – Jordan, Clint, Jovany, Stefano, Tim.


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