RuPaul’s Drag Race S3Ep7 and Untucked

A word on the numbering for the episodes – I’m using the numbers provided by the Logo website, which counts the casting special as episode one.

The mini-challenge was to pose nude (or as nude as was comfortable – they did offer a drape) for photographer Deborah Anderson. They were only permitted light make-up and no wigs, so they had to preserve their illusions with posing plus the drape if they used it. Of course, some were more comfortable than others. Carmen, our naked queen, who won the challenge, took direction well and, I think, deserved it. Raja, Manila, Yara, Shangela – none had problems baring themselves. The big girls Delta and Stacy used the drape – I thought Delta was very artful with it, and so did Alexis, who seems to be hiding something – “America will know my secret.”

Manila, btw, looks absolutely adorable in that suit and tie. Just saying. She’s a VERY cute boy.

The main challenge was to make couture fashion inspired by a cake, assigned to each by Carmen because she won.

Just a thing – if I were to go on Survivor, I’d learn to make fire without matches. If I were to go on The Amazing Race, I’d learn to drive a stick shift. If you go on RuPaul’s Drag Race, LEARN TO SEW, and it wouldn’t hurt to learn basic wig styling, either. Both will serve you well anyway. And if you go on it TWICE without knowing those things, you’re hopeless.

Watching sweet Alexis help Shangela every step of the way (and Shangela’s dress was just not good anyway) was painful. Stacy asks for advice but she does her own execution and lived (and died) by her own work.

They were also asked to decorate Barbie cakes (dome shaped cakes with Barbie dolls sticking out the top – and photos of the queens pasted to the front of the dolls.) Like the couture, the cakes showed varying amounts of skill and imagination – well, of course.

Yara, who was assigned strawberry shortcake, wore a dress that I actually kinda liked. She did make the mistake of wearing dark underwear with light colored side panels, and it was a tad literal, but it WAS pretty and well made. Apparently, she sews for a living. Her cake represented Puerto Rico.

Manila was a carrot cake. She wore a cute, sequined dress that was over-accessorized and a bow representing bunny ears (Givenchy/Jessica Rabbit/Playboy Bunny) I love her sense of humor. Her dress “went to Chinatown and is smuggling knockoff purses under the skirt.” She needs to leave that alone, I think. The joke is over, my dear.

Alexis was “high end cheesecake.” It was cute but that skirt was too stiff and looked like, well, a moving quilt. Not great. Her cake was “who she is” – not sure what that means.

Carmen wore clothes. 🙂 She started out pink but her “princess cake” was frosted in green, and she made a cute little green dress instead. She was called, ironically, a Heatherette. Ironically because she, Raja, Delta and Manila have formed a clique that call themselves The Heathers. They also call each other “Heather.” Her cake was unmemorable.

Stacy looks terrible. I’m sorry. She took Manila’s advice and kept the top asymmetrical, but she wore it with tight pants and it was just NOT couture. My mom could have worn that to the mall, except Mom has amazing taste and wouldn’t. Her cake was interesting, though – she chose to dress it in female Native American regalia. I was unaware of her heritage and I’m glad she celebrated it.

Delta had angelfood cake. She dressed straight out of Grease – sweet, virginal – and it was very good. She used design elements from her dress for her cake, creating a ball gown.

Raja was…Raja. She represented chocolate lava cake (which she confessed to Ru that she’d eaten and SWALLOWED earlier because she loves chocolate and is such a bad model) with a frilly, chocolate brown confection over french panniers. The problem was the skirt was a tad short and we could see the foundation. Her cake was graffiti and edgy and “street” and spectacular. The judges could find nothing to criticize.

Raja won, therefore. Stacy and Alexis had to lipsync for their lives,and Alexis won. Stacy, btw, was thrilled to have gotten as far as she did and had a very gracious leave taking.

Untucked was all Shangela, all the time. The other queens, especially Raja, finally confronted her about how she acts – she’s “real”, they’re all “throwing shade” or even jealous of her. Which is very amusing given she says that to Raja. But it was also very uncomfortable and I’m thinking Shangela is going to feel very alone – her best friend was Stacy and now she’s gone, and even Alexis is being less supportive.


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