Addendum – Jacob Lusk

Since all the other Idol blogs and certain other people were heaping praises upon Jacob, I decided to give him another listen. I’ve liked him in the past, and it bothered me I didn’t like him this time.

He has a gorgeous voice, and he has excellent control, and it’s very possible he didn’t oversing as much as I thought. BUT I still didn’t love the performance. I wanted to, so much, but I think maybe it’s just not my favorite style of singing.


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3 Responses to Addendum – Jacob Lusk

  1. Anne says:

    I listened to his performance again too. You’re right. He didn’t over sing it as much as I initially thought. I also really like his suit and tie. He looks and fits the part nicely. When someone sings a song like this, I expect it, rather naively, to sound just like the original and/or best version of it. That is unrealistic on my part.

  2. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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