American Idol Top 24 Girl’s Night

“Who do you love?”

Ta-Tynisa sings “Only Girl in the World”, and her voice is thin,but I think she does a creditable job – it’s a bit shouty at the end, though She does use the stage well. Steven liked it, as did Jennifer. Randy differs – it’s just Ohhh-kay. He thought it paled in comparison with Rhianna.

Naima is in a gorgeous dress she designed. She’s singing “Summertime” – a risk singing Fantasia’s big song. Ah, she’s singing it in a totally different way. NICE and sassy with real personality, and not singing it like a lullabye at all. I love it. It’s amazing. Jennifer loves it, and Randy references Fantasia, but said it was better in the end. Steven compares her to Ella Fitzgerald. And she reacts very well and humbly.

Kendra sings “Impossible”, a song I don’t know. Shouty, thin and doesn’t sound right. This is because I googled and discovered she was attempting to sing Christina. Randy loved the vibrato, and her sharp notes didn’t matter. Steven thought it was all hot. Jennifer says she has heart and belongs there. “Amazing.” Yeah, no.

Rachel sings “Criminal”, and it’s just not pleasant to hear. It’s harsh in my ears. Steven loved her moves, but thought it was too Broadway (one thing she’s never sung.) Jennifer wanted to see the pop star. Randy didn’t recognize the girl or the song, and it wasn’t’ good. I feel funny that I’m in agreement with the judges.

Karen, in a lovely gown, sings “Hero” – voice sounds shaky and thin. I do like that she’s singing in partially Spanish. Good touch. I know she can sing better. And she’s singing her echo at the end. Jennifer has goose bumps. Randy liked that she made it her own – and the Spanish was better. Steven wants her to sing with Jacob (her best friend.)

Lauren T. sings “Seven Day Fool” I like it. Rich, sexy voice. She’s working it jazzy and hot. And it takes guts to do Etta James, so kudos for that, too. I could listen to her for a few weeks, yes. Randy – “That’s how you do it.” Steven calls it spectacular. Jennifer needs her to really physically let go, too. No holding back.

Ashton sings “Love All Over Me”. She’s shouty. And shaky, too. But she’s very pretty, and that could help. Steven – confidence of a queen. Jennifer – all the makings of a diva. Randy doesn’t love the song, and thinks she should go bigger – Ross, not Monica.

Julie sings “Breakaway”, and I like her voice a lot. Very musical, and pulls the big notes when appropriate. Nice ending, too. Very nice. This worked for me. Jennifer liked it but didn’t think it was the best she’d done. She needs to sing from the heart. (Oh, dear.) Randy says she didn’t sing it as well as Kelly. Steven said it was the wrong song, and needed to go up a couple of keys. Oh, she’s GONE.

Haley sings “Fallin'” Gutsy singing Alicia. I think she’s doing it. At least, she has the voice for it. Randy doesn’t think it does anything for Haley. Steven loved it. Jennifer agrees with Steven. She needs to get out of her head, though.

Thia sings “Out Here On My Own”, a song much older than she is. There’s something not there about her singing – it’s like she doesn’t quite get the meaning. There’s no emotions. Steven thinks she was on perfect pitch. Jennifer thought it was beautiful and a quiet moment. Randy thought it was hot.

Lauren A sings “You Can Hear Me On the Radio”. I don’t like this girl. I like the way she’s singing this song. Big, country voice singing a big country song. Perfect for her. And she’s feeling the song – and NOT flirting with Steven. All pluses. Yeah, she’s good. Jennifer loves her. Randy says she doesn’t even know how good she is. Steven says she’s even better when she turns it down. And she just called Ryan “Peaches” because he’s from Georgia. And now I’m annoyed with her again.

Pia gets the pimp spot. “I’ll Stand By You” Gorgeous voice. Good tone. Rich and lovely, and this is feeling too short – I want to hear more. Nice ending, too. Judges standing. Really beautiful. Randy – “That’s how you do it.” Steven called it “gorgeous” and something weird. Jennifer – you saved it for when it counts.

Naima, Lauren T, Lauren A and Pia for absolute certain. Karen, Haley, Ta-Tynisa and Thia as maybes. Rachel, Julie, Ashton, Kendra probably going.


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