Top 24 Results Night

I liveblogged this, as I did last night, but I’m going to try to clean it up and make it more readable and less list like.

Ryan brings in the kids, and seats them according to sex, and then describes the wildcard process. After the top ten are named (and I had no idea how long that would take), the judges will have some of the remaining 14 sing and choose two or three of them for wildcard.

There were 40 million votes? Guess text and webvoting rules the day.. Wow. They start with guys, and I get a glimmer of hope that they might actually take my advice about James, and not leave him hanging. But no.

They have filler. Much, much filler. They recap the boys’ night performances and then play a vid of interviews. The only thing I remember is Brett calling himself a burnt rainbow-frosted cookie, and James wondering why Country Living was interested in him. It takes thirty minutes before they even start thinning the herd.

And that’s when my twitter feed and I start playing “Who is staying” and keeping score.

Ryan dims the lights for the first time. Scotty and Robbie are the first ones picked, and we all guess that Scotty is staying. And we’re right. Scotty is staying. Robbie is not in the top ten. Could be wildcard. So, that’s one boy, and one for one.

Then they call up three boys – Clint, Jordan and Jovany. At best, I guess Clint is top ten,but none should stay. And they hate Jordan anyway. Clint and Jordan are NOT top ten. So they’re keeping Jovany? No. That’s what I’d expected. Four for four, and still just one boy.

Then it’s the girls’ turn, with the same filler, this time focused on the girls. Filler and filler. They call up Pia and Lauren A. Both are staying. I believe this. No way are either going. And my feed agrees. Yes. Both staying. Called it. Five for five, two girls and one boy.

Then they call up Ta-Tynisa and Julie. Julie is going after her performance last night, but Ta-Tanysa is on the bubble. Nope, both are gone. My feed called it. Still two girls and one boy.

Out of Kendra, Ashthon and Karen, the only one likely to stay is Karen. And Karen is staying. Three girls and one boy.

Tim, Casey and Jacob. Oh, there’s no question for this group. Tim is going because Casey and Jacob are locks. Yep. Bye-bye, Tim (or at least, wait for wildcard.) Three girls and three boys.

They call up three girls -Naima, Lauren T. Thia. Want Naima and Lauren T. to stay, but it be only one. In which case, it will be Thia. It should have been Naima. And I was right. Four girls and three boys.

Brett and Paul. I think Brett’s staying…no, he’s not. Wow. Got that one wrong. Not actually bothered. Paul is staying. Four and four. Two spots are left.

So now it’s Haley and Rachel. I don’ t like either and want Lauren T. back. Haley is staying. Yep. Rachel did terribly, so not surprised. Girls are finished.

Stefano and James. Not even a contest. James all the way. And, yeah, he deserves it. Stefano, as it turns out, is James’ roommate. So James loses either way. But James is staying because he should. All done with the top ten.

So I’m 8 for 10. I’m happy even if I don’t like all the choices. Now wildcard…

The judges decided that three each will sing. First choice to sing is Ashthon. Singing Jennifer Hudson “I am telling you” I do not like it. It doesn’t work. Steven thinks she brought it. Jennifer felt her passion. Randy loves the attitude.

Stefano is singing “I Need You Now” – don’t know this song. He’s certainly passionate. The judges like it. “Gilded the lily of your own passion.” Oh, Steven. I have no idea how your mind works at all, you marshmallow of a rocker.

Kendra is singing. Really? Kendra? She gives us “Georgia” I like how she’s doing this. Randy liked it by the end.

Jovany is next. Really? I’m surprised at that. Singing in Spanish. What is he singing? It sounds pretty, though. “Like an Angel.” Oh, dear. “You did all you could do.” Jennifer,that isn’t good at all. I think he’s totally toast.

Naima is next. “For All We Know”. Okay, that’s how you sing. Or, not. She sounds very off. Oh, poor lady knows it. She cries in the end.

I thought the last guy would be Tim or Brett, but it’s Robbie. Wow. “Sorry Seems the Hardest Word”. Oversinging a little, but not bad.

They just happened to have Jennifer’s video to play while the judges deliberate. Just happened. Yeah. Real subtle, Idol. Real subtle.

Ashthon for the girls. REALLY? Stefano stays for the boys. Also, surprised since I think Robbie sang better. And the third is Naima, whom I’m fine with, although Kendra actually also sang better.

All in all, not a bad top 13. They all can sing, many have engaging personalities and they have a drive to win. This could be a fun season. YAY. And I didn’t do so well on the cleaning up. Oh, well.


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