Adam Will Be On Idol (Yay!)

As I said in an earlier post, “Now, I’d love for Adam to sing a lovely acoustic Aftermath, well, anywhere. Of course I would – it’s gorgeous and people should hear it. ” Then I went on to say that it would be tricky because, after all, he’s selling a dance remix of that song to benefit The Trevor Project, which could make performing an acoustic version tricky.

Maybe so, but he’s going to do it. It’s clear to me that Adam’s on Idol on his own terms – he’s doing it for his charity, not for ego reasons and not just to give Idol ratings. I don’t think he had any control over the timing, but any time is good and he does have the honor of being the first alum to perform this year. And it will give Idol ratings, which it sorely needs.

This will help the charity a lot – Idol’s ratings are down, but they still get a sizable audience and they still win their nights, and I’m willing to bet that a lot of that audience has never heard of that project. It will, I hope, open some eyes. So will Adam’s performance, as he reminds people how very lovely his voice is without bells or whistles, just a very good friend’s excellent guitar. Also, this song will be new for a lot of people, and so it will feel like new music for them – an excellent way to build excitement for his next album.

Do I think this will be amazing in terms of sales? I have no idea. The Idol audience has proven less than stellar when it comes to buying music, especially new music, played on the show, and previous Idol charity singles have not done well. However, Adam breaks all the rules, so I don’t know. I hope he does this time.

And I hope the new kids watch and learn just what it is to be a star from one of their own.

So. American Idol, Thursday, March 10. Fox. Adam Lambert performs.


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