American Idol is not Live Take 2

I need to preview my posts.


I am not happy that American Idols Top 13 performance will be live to tape. Part of the charm of American Idol is that it is live – that the contestants are out there in front of the audience (at least ET and CT) without a safety net. We get to see their flubs, their missed notes, their false starts, their awkward conversations with Ryan and the judges – and their awesome singing as it really is.

And it’s also how we can see them improve as they get comfortable singing in front of a camera and America. There’s as much honesty as you’re going to get in a tv show, and it’s really integral to Idol.

This allows for do-overs, for editing and for adding effects to the songs, some of which can be added live, such as reverb, but others which cannot. And all of these things have reportedly already happened. And I do not approve. No one is perfect – Adam hit a couple of less than perfect notes, for example – and that’s part of the charm. But by and large, these kids can sing live and they need that chance.


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