American Idol Top 13 Performance

Live blog of the show

It looks like there’s a lot of handholding this year. Not happy about that. They really hated last year.

Lauren singing Shania “Any Man of Mine” In her wheelhouse. Cute girl. Much personality. Nice use of back up singers. I liked it. Steven wanted it more kick-ass. Jennifer – you don’t have to try, but do it anyway. Randy – you can sing anything. We want to hear you shine – this song didn’t do it. Wow. Wow. That’s not praise at all. With all the “love” – interesting.

Casey – idol is Joe Cocker. “Little Help From My Friends” – not the Beatles. Interesting. “You don’t hear him, you feel him.” Sitting on the stairs. So many backup singers. He’s NOT doing Cocker. I have a huge smile on my face. Love it. Jennifer – we go by what we feel, and she was watching somebody important. Blew her away. Randy – Idol Season 10 REMIX. Unbelievable, exciting and hitting the notes, and fun. Steven – you are a rainbow of talent.

Ashthon – Diana Ross – “When you tell me that you love me” Breathy. She can’t do Diana. You are not a diva, my dear. Maybe when you grow up. Randy – liked it (Barry Gordy is here, wondering where Adam is) Praised her vibrato. Steven – you’re going to show us more and has confidence. Jennifer – you are elegant and professional.

Paul is singing Ryan Adams (with an R?) – “Come Pick Me Up”. Trying not to stare at Paul’s teeth. Don’t know the song. I could learn to like his whispery voice. But that’s some dancing, Paul. Never do it again. Steven loves his voice. Jennifer says he moved the crowd, and she hopes America gets it. She also doesn’t know the song. Randy gets it and loves that he’s different. That…um. He’s smart and quirky and fun.

Pia admires Celine Dion (because she’s family oriented?) and is singing “All By Myself” – another cover of a cover. Does she have the diva voice necessary for this? I think she’s doing it. I love her big Idol voice. Just a touch shouty, maybe. Let’s not talk about the tail of her dress, though. Didn’t kill it, but did a very good job. Jennifer – you topped last week. Really beautiful. Randy – you tackled a hard song and you have the right quality. You hit the notes dead on. Natural gift. What is she going to do now? Steven – Slammed it. And “Happy International Woman’s Day”. Yeah. Only Lauren got concrit.

James – Paul McCartney – “Baby, I’m Amazed”. Trying to be impartial. Where are his eyes? Okay, he’s good. More control. Okay, a bit screamy. Randy – This man can SING! Steven – you did a good job! Jennifer – Let them applaud.

Haley – LeeAnn Rimes “Blue” – it’s country. It’s also Patsy Cline. It’s hard to judge. But it hurts my ears, which is not normal for country. Steven – so, so fine. Jennifer – special voice. Good job. Randy – likes that she can do anything, but it was boring. Wow. Randy. Wow.

Jacob – R.Kelly “I Believe I Can Fly” He sounds shaky – oh, Jacob. Big, CHOIR ROBES – oh, Jacob. Steven – so good he can’t judge it. Jennifer – you make us feel so much we can’t judge it. Randy – has a signature sound. Rough change but was unbelievable by the end. Is excited. No, not really.

Thia’s idol is Michael Jackson “Smile”. Child doesn’t know who charlie chaplin is. Beautiful voice, no soul. Randy loved the intro (Michael and Adele) Didn’t like the jazz. Steven agreed, and so does Jennifer. They prefer her with less music. She sings like an angel.

Stefano – Stevie Wonder “Lately” I like it so far. He’s feeling the song, and he’s fun. Steven – well-done and soaring like a volcano. Jennifer – you had me dancing, and you did a dance remix. Was really you. (Not a song I know well.) Randy – started off rocky, and Stevie be proud of it.

Karen is singing Selena.”I could fall in love” I don’t know Selena songs, but in front of Jennifer… Pretty voice, but it sounds shaky and off. Jennifer – you were uncomfortable with the notes. You’re usually spot on. Randy – you were fighting the song. Not exciting. Steven feels the same way.

So, notes and key don’t matter unless they do?

Scotty singing Garth Brooks, “The River” yeah, he’s good. The big baritone works well for this. Scotty was fun (and didn’t hurt my ears.) Randy – you’re doing exactly where you belong. Don’t change a thing. Steven – you did the Garth justice. I have no idea what Steven just said. Jennifer – he opened up as a performer.

Naima is singing Umbrella by Rhianna. Someone else arranging it for her. I don’t know this song. I want to like it. She can sing, but she’s not Rhianna. She made it reggae and she at least moved. At least it’s not a cover of a cover. Oh, goodness. Lightning. Steven – crazy good – but a little “pitchy”. You brought flavor tonight. Jennifer – I don’t care about pitchy, but you do it! You got fire, girl. Work on control. Randy – differs. Cares about pitchiness. You gotta have the breath. Loved the whole reggae thing.

(note to readers – I have unbreakable plans tomorrow night, so I’ll be reviewing the Results night and Adam’s performance fairly late.)


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