American Idol Top 13 Results

Finished watching the results show this morning (had to watch Adam perform a third time. The sacrifices I make for you, my darlings. I had to watch a gorgeous man perform a beautiful song well three times. I deserve a cookie, I do.)

I did so while really wanting to watch more coverage of the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan and now Hawaii – my thoughts and prayers are with them all. May they stay safe. Makes this thing look small and shallow.

So, results show. Right. Traditional results show filler – showed the kids moving into their mansion. Cutest moment, for me, was seeing Naima excited over a two story walk-in closet.

Oh, also thoughts and prayers for Casey Abrams, who is hospitalized with ulcerative colitis. Get better, Casey.

Then we cut to the group sing – a lip-synced medley of Michael Jackson songs. Jacob brought the dance moves, and they featured James in the “Black or White” portion. I wonder how they covered for the lack of Casey, though. Then there was the Ford commercial which had zero impact on me – they usually do at this point.

First person in the bottom three was Karen. “You’re all safe EXCEPT Karen.” Then we watched Adam be and sound beautiful, and then be cute with Ryan and Jennifer and talk about the charity version. Then Ryan called three more people down for possible elimination – AND sat two of them (Haley and Ashthon) on the stools. At this point he informed the remaining 6 people on the couches (and Casey in the hospital) that they were safe.

And I am so happy they did it this way. Not only was it a graceful way of dealing with Casey’s absence, it also meant that James did not have to stand on camera and twitch. He needs to be judged on his performances and nothing more – not his non-existent rivalry with Adam, and not how his Tourette’s syndrome makes him tic. For other people, their demeanor on camera IS important but this is not something he can control.

I am seriously wondering right now – if they had NEVER used the name Adam Lambert in discussing him, would we as Adam fans feel less animosity? Or would his personality still turn us off, even giving allowances for his Aspergers? We will never know. I am happy that Adam paid him special attention last night during the commercial break and that James responded with that sweet tweet later. Let’s concentrate on James from now on.

However, I am going to say this – Idol should NEVER compare current contestants to popular alumni. It does no one any good and is unfair to both, and usually untrue. Just stop doing it. Let’s judge them all on their own merits. Even if they’re sweet-faced white guys playing guitars.

Diddy Dirty Money performed. It was a performance. He did well, and the singer was lovely.

Ashthon was on the bottom. She sang for her life (I do not like the judge’s save. In fact, I hate it. The judges don’t need that much power. Ashthon was already there by judge fiat, you know? And I loved Matt Giraud, but the guy was voted off three times that season.) Well, no saving Ashthon now. She left, to David Cook’s cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me”, except we mostly heard the instrumental opening and not David’s vocals.

I’m sure she expected it. The judges are not going to use their save this early unless someone they really like is up for elimination.

Normally I watch Idol live, with my twitter feed, but it was actually fine watching it on DVR without the commentary of the feed before me. Still, I sort of missed it (but I enjoyed my anniversary dinner out so much that it was completely worth it.)

I know that most of you are from my feed anyway, but for the one or two who aren’t but are interested, follow me @mamadeb1963. @reply me and I’ll follow you back.


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