Aftermath Remix on the Radio

Adam Official’s moderator, RCA Ed, said last night that they’re servicing the Aftermath Remix (hereinafter referred to as AMR) to terrestrial radio. This first led to everyone trying to figure out just what terrestrial radio was, because we’re weird like that. Turns out it doesn’t mean that Planet Fierce is left out – they’ll just get it a little later. Terrestrial radio, as cleared up by RCA Ed in a second post, is basically regular old-fashioned broadcast radio, not satellite or internet. Once we got that determined, we went on to the flail.

I mean, a new Adam song on the radio? Yes, YES, YES! – um, wait.

Didn’t they hold off on Sleepwalker because it would impinge on the first single from the new album? Of course, that was said back when everyone thought the next single would be out this spring, not late summer, but it’s also now just about spring time. And didn’t they say that they didn’t want to spend more of Adam’s money for diminishing return? And this won’t even earn Adam money because his proceeds go to charity.

And while AMR is fun to listen to, it’s long – over five minutes – and it IS a dance remix. Not something generally played on CHR, much less the Idol ghetto of HAC. So are they doing a radio edit? Are they going to send it to just dance stations?

Are they going to give it any push at all, or are they going to give it the same treatment Jive gave Alright With Me or Don’t Waste the Pretty (or RCA for Sweet Serendipity)? Just send it to the pds and let them decide? Let it flap in the breeze? Because none of those people – Kris, Allison, Lee – were helped by that.

I have no idea. I don’t think Adam will be HURT if this happens, since it IS a charity single and sort of in between the last era and the next, and it’s well-known that he’s working on his new album now. It’s not like it was for Kris or Allison – a third song sent out after the second one flopped. IIHY was a moderate hit, and it’s been months and it’s just not the same thing. I hope. I still expect nastiness from a certain segment of Idol fandom, but that’s ongoing.

But it does really make no sense to me – they’re not going to waste tv appearances for a charity single that they could use to push Adam2, for example, and they’re not pushing FYE anymore. They might want to publicize the tour DVD/CD BUT the Aftermath on that is his sweet tour acoustic and very different.

The only thing I can think of, out of the depths of my own ignorance and speculation, is that they want to put the song on iTunes – Adam said they would – and maybe releasing it to radio might, somehow, increase sales there. Maybe a PD will play it once or twice because it’s for charity and people will notice. Maybe a single not attached to an album only gets a limited time on iTunes, or something, but if it’s on the radio, iTunes will keep it on. I seriously have no idea.

I do not expect great things from this release. I don’t really expect any station, except maybe non-urban dance stations, to add it. That will be, what, three? I do think it’ll be played in clubs because it’s perfect for that, but does that need a radio release? They played the dance versions of FYE, WWFM and IIHY without that. And it won’t be read as a failure because it’s so nonsensical.

And who knows? Adam is always breaking rules. It could catch on. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?


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