American Idol Top 12 Results

They start with a video of the current Idols talking about dreams and aspirations. I think. I mostly fast-forwarded.

Steven is very sparkly tonight. Very, very sparkly. Ryan expresses sympathy for Japan and gives the number to text for Japan. 90999, I do believe.

The top 12 do a mash-up of “Born to Be Wild” (sung by the boys) and “Born This Way” (sung by the girls.) So, which of Adam Lambert’s Greatest Idol Hits will they sing next week?

They interview the kids about things we don’t know about them. Scotty can wriggle his ears. Also, someone has a shitzu, but it was bleeped out. Which is hilarious.

Then there is a Ford video.

The first ones called up are Jacob, Casey and Lauren. To my complete non-surprise, all are safe and return to the couches. Ryan then calls Haley and Paul. Paul is safe, Haley (not a shock) is not. And Ryan quotes all the things Steven said that were quotable, asking what he meant by “goop that makes things great.” Steven doesn’t want to be asked, and is not asked again.

Lee DeWyze performs his new single “Beautiful Like You”. Not a good song, imho. But it is his new single. Ryan asks him for advice for the new guys. “Remember why you’re here and keep enjoying music.”

Ryan calls up James, Pia and Scotty. No suspense there at all. They head back to the couches. Ryan does ask if Steven sees himself in James, and Steven says “No – joke! Yes!” and sings a high note.

Next up is Stefano and Naima – and Naima is not safe. I did not call Naima in bottom three.

The last are Thia and Karen. No way is Thia in danger, and indeed, Karen is. So, it’s Haley, Naima and Karen. Three girls. As expected.

The Black Eyed Peas perform, and the major conversation on my Twitter feed is Fergie – is that her? What did she do to her face? Is that really her? And wow, they’re autotuned. That song also went on FOREVER. And, Fergie? Really?

Ryan declares Naima safe, which means I called the bottom two. And so far as I’m concerned, it was a toss-up between the other two. Haley is safe. Karen has to sing for her life.

But there is no way the judges will save anyone before top ten, so it doesn’t matter how well she sings. Although, it is apparently not a unanimous decision – I’m thinking Jennifer held out for her fellow Latina. I would think well of her if so. And cue David Cook and good-bye.


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