RuPaul’s Drag Race S3Ep10 + Untucked

They are absolutely giving Shangela the villain edit. She IS smart, she’s about the most strategic one there and she can bring the funny like no one else. In fact, if she’d gone on full country camp for her performance – because she CAN sing – she might have won it. She doesn’t have the costuming chops, though, and that is a major problem on a show where looks are everything.

The minichallenge was “Rusical Chairs” – the twist was that the last one standing had to complete the lyric. If she could, she could choose someone ELSE to go out. If she failed, she was out. Carmen managed to get caught twice. First time, she took out Shangela, second she was out. Raja takes out Alexis, Yara is out and it’s down to Raja and Manila, and Raja can do it, so Manila wins. Her prize? To choose the order for the main challenge.

They have to sing (not lip sync) RuPaul’s new song Superstar, each in a different style (Pop, hiphop, reggae, country, punk and disco). Manila gets to choose first and picks disco. Then she goes in order of how they were standing (I do believe this. Manila is not a strategist and this was just the easiest and, in her mind, fairest way. Also, she didn’t want to be accused of favoring her fellow “Heathers.”) Raja takes punk, Yara takes pop, Alexis does hiphop, Carmen (who is confused because as a Heather, she should have been after Raja) takes reggae, and Shangela is left with country. Hallelu.(In Untucked later on, Shangela says she wanted anything BUT reggae and was the most “country” of the girls.)

Of course, there is drama – Shangela knows Carmen would be feeling hurt, and Carmen does,and confronts Manila. And now Manila thinks Carmen is the one stirring up drama. But Carmen actually wanted the reggae, so she’s all confused. Shangela likes to mess with people’s heads. It’s all part of her strategy. Her problem is that she thinks everyone else is acting the same way. She’s playing this game and she assumes others would and should play it the same way. She’s not wrong for thinking that they should, but they’re not. Raja feels above it all, Yara is too sweet and the others just aren’t that smart. She’s OVERESTIMATING them, if anything.

The work room is full of bad singing. Really bad singing. It’s making miss Idol right now. It’s not really fair because some of them CAN sing or picked styles where singing isn’t important, and others…didn’t. Fortunately, they weren’t judged on the quality of their singing later-at least not officially but it had to play some part.

Ru goes to talk with the girl, and doesn’t do anything much with Carmen. She talks to Raja about overthinking challenges, but Raja always wanted to be punk and wants to go balls to the walls, and Ru approves and tells her not to let other people’s opinions change her. Manila shows she can do the bump, Yara (in a tiny hat) says she can sort of sing. Shangela thinks it’s all about the look (keep this in mind) and she’s deciding between Jessica Simpson and stage Carrie Underwood. Alexis is going to be Lil’ Kim. Ru tells her to “keep it in the hood.” Meanwhile, Raja confessionals that Shangela’s country is tragic and that she’s going to be Carrie. “Bless her little heart,” says Raja.

They go to record their songs with this very adorable producer, Lucian Plane. Shangela is first, and condescends to take his feed back and is even willing to do another take. Lucian feels she “might benefit from being less confident.” She’s acting like a diva, which is not good.

Alexis, who doesn’t sound hiphop, is distracted by how cute Lucian is, and sounds shaky and nervous, largely because she admits she is.

Manila doesn’t sound disco, knows she’s singing badly and wants autotune.

Raja has the real punk sound, but sings too low for the key. She also needs to enunciate. (Too bad she can’t call Adam for advice, you know?) Lucian wants the prettier girl punk voice.
Carmen canNOT sing and knows it. She doesn’t want to do the reggae accent, either. Lucian wants her to perform it.

Yara is also shaky and very flat, but Lucian gives her props for working and willingness.

In the workroom, they get mp3 players with their finished songs, and everyone (but Carmen) passes their songs around. Raja is jumping up and down with excitement. Carmen hates how she’s singing.

Manila offers Shangela some rhinestones for her hat, but Shangela refuses thinking that Manila is just trying to get into Shangela’s head. Once again, she’s overthinking, I think. I don’t think Manila is that smart. 🙂

On the main stage, there is an audience waiting. Manila’s song isn’t bad. She’s wearing a gold sequined dress and says it’s Soul Train Realness. Ru doesn’t like that she attacks the audience. She’s gorgeous, though.

Alexis has her fake boobs on, with stars on the nipples. She says she’s Lil Kim; the judges see stripper or hooker. Singing isn’t bad.

Shangela is wearing basically a silver lame piece of cloth and a cowboy hat (and a bad wig.) Her song is good but but she doesn’t look country – not even Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood.

Yara looks lovely in a bikini and long coat, and her song is understandable. Yay.

Carmen – oh, Carmen. She’s wearing baggie pants, a bra and a leather cap over big curls. She looks reggae and pretty but is not performing at all.

And then we have Miss Raja, and she’s a punk princess in torn tights, Docs and a little plaid skirt, with blue lips and a mohawk wig. This is the first time we’ve seen her lipsync, which is interesting. The judges have nothing but praise for her for just being the punk rocker.

End result? Raja wins and Shangela and Carmen are in the bottom. I really do think that if Shangela had gone camp country, she would have been safe and might have won. However, her lip sync was much better than Carmen’s, and it really was time for Carmen to go home.

Untucked was interesting. Ru had asked them who should go home, and it was either Shangela or Carmen. And so we have Shangela doing her normal “being real” to everyone and Carmen being defensive about her pretty. But things are really tense right now, and I’m not sure anyone likes anyone at this point, and this includes the Heathers.

Shangela is upset both that Raja doesn’t put on boobs or hips, and so has a man’s body, while she believes Carmen surgically enhanced her curves. Can’t win with Shangela – too male or too female.

Raja tells her her problem is her look, not her talent or intelligence. Shangela doesn’t seem to realize this, and if she can’t, she should stick to boy clothes. That’s a bit harsh, but clothing sense is important and Shangela knows this – said this.

Carmen is relying on pretty far too much. Yes, she has a pretty face, and yes, she works hard for it, and it doesn’t hurt, but pretty is for fashion models. And not always – Raja is definitely high fashion and she NOT as pretty as Carmen. As I said, time for her to go home.

It’s going to be Raja and either Alexis or Shangela for the finale.


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