American Idol Top 11 Results

We start with a view of that ancient device, the “record player.” That’s a playback machine that employs vinyl discs that physically record sounds. We called them “records”. There was virtually no loss, and could be mass produced.

This show was a wild one, my dears, and most of my predictions were wrong.

Ryan tells us that there will be a shocker for the bottom three, and that’s a big deal tonight because whoever goes home tonight does not go on the tour. My predictions – Pia, Paul and Haley are bottom 3 and Haley goes home.

We begin with some rather nice filler – Marc Anthony (Mr. Jennifer Hudson) comes by to show the kids how to use their ear monitors and how to perform live. He then listens to their performances and seems take a great deal of prime. He also seems very sweet as well as handsome. Jennifer is a lucky lady.

Then we go into the group performance. They look so very nice tonight – the boys in black suits and the girls in white dresses. Naima especially looks very elegant. They start out with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, and it’s…a group performance. I just spent some time with the Season 8 group performances, where they used Adam mostly for the high notes. This year, they’re using James and Jacob more extensively, but also for the high notes. Then they stop and a piano comes rolling foreward with Stevie Wonder on board. Steven hugs Jennifer is shock, but the other two look like they expected it. I’ve never seen a group performance with a star other than the finale before.

After that, Stevie calls out for Steven and starts singing “Happy Birthday.” Steven is thrilled. Then there’s a huge cake and a portrait and it’s all happy and fun and nice.

Happy birthday, Mr. Tyler. May you have many more til 120.

The Ford video has a song I don’t know, but they make a tree out of recyclables. It’s sweet.

Then Ryan dims the lights. And calls Pia, Scotty and Lauren, still in their performance clothes. And all three are safe and on the tour. So far, I’m wrong.

Then the group Sugarland performs. They’re a country act, which makes no sense for Motown week, but okay. They’re…country pop, I think. They’ve headlined with Danny and now with Casey James.

Then there’s some filler about James’ love of wrestling and how he got the rest of the kids to join him. Okay.

Ryan calls Paul and James to the stage. They look adorable in their little black suits. I approve. And then he…I hate the game playing. I TOLD them NOT to play those games with James, okay? He tells them they’re in danger. Deep danger. And then…Hulk Hogan comes through the wall. James drops to his knees in excitement. That’s the danger. Really. Because both are safe. Which means I was wrong about Paul, too. And they go sit down. And Hulk pretends to knock Ryan into the audience. Good.

And, yeah. Hulk Hogan. Really? REALLY? Nice for James but SO random.

After the commercial, Ryan gives James a Hulk Hogan t-shirt and tells him not to put it on yet. Ryan calls up Jacob, Thia and Stefano. Jacob is safe, but Thia and Stefano are sent to the stools. Then Ryan calls up Naima, Casey and Haley – and I’m wrong again. Not only is Haley safe, but Casey is bottom three. Which also means Haley is not going home. I’m 0 for four.

At this point, I predict (on twitter) that if Casey is in the bottom, he’ll probably be saved and it’ll be a top 11 tour. And, yes, Casey is a shock.

Jennifer Hudson performs and it is a performance. Ryan says she is not only a Grammy winner, she is their “first winn with an Oscar.” Except she came in seven, RYAN.

Ryan then sends Thia to safety, and then says Stefano is safe.

Casey. Possibly going home. Casey who is immensely popular and an early front runner might be going home. And this is only top eleven, so would they use their only save so quickly?

Well, Casey gets only a couple lines into his song when Randy stops him. He is clearly terrified. Casey isn’t stupid and he knows how unlikely a save is. But Steven says that they know who he is, and that they’re keeping him on the show. They SAVE HIM!

And there is pandemonium and shouts of “Casey! Casey! Casey!”, and Casey? Crys, curses, falls to his knees, has his knees buckle when he tries to mount the stage, runs to hug his mother and is frankly amazed and shocked and just doesn’t understand. It’s wonderful and joyful.

Steven tells him to listen to Jennifer, who tells him that they want to see the Old Casey – the jazzy musician, not the guy who makes faces. Randy agrees and says he shouldn’t be growly, either. Good, solid, correct advice. Good job, Jennifer.

Next week, two go home. But also, all eleven will be on the tour, as was already decided. I’m sure they did decide that when they chose to implement the save back in Season 8, should they use it on top eleven results night.

I am happy right now. I like Casey and I think he’ll use this second chance well. But also – I really HATE the save – it takes the choice away from the voters and adds an extra layer of torture as some kid has to sing for their life at a moment’s notice. And now it’s gone for the rest of the season. If they have to use it, I’m glad it was for Casey. I just wish it didn’t exist.


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