RuPaul’s Drag Race S3Ep11 + Untucked

Tonight, it’s all about the hair, and the ending. And, my dears, I have very mixed feelings about that ending.

Carmen left notes for everyone on the mirror, which Shangela cleans up with Alexis’ help. Which, given how the episode ended, is ironic. Raja, upset that another one of the Heathers is gone, has decided she’s not going to be nice and sweet anymore, but is going to celebrate her win – by dancing around and saying “I won!” Raja, you really can be more obnoxious. 🙂

The minichallenge is to take bunch of toys and inflatables and plastic crabs – materials swiped from the gay beach – and make a headpiece. There’s also garlands and plastic rafia. Raja makes a “chic” hat out of plastic crabs, Manila uses an inflatable palm tree with things hanging off it, which only makes it bend. Yara takes the rafia and garlands and makes a “fishy” (feminine) wig out of it. Alexis takes an inflatable fisg and adds “hair” out of plastic leis, and I love it and think it’s the best. Shangela has an inflatable parrot and dolphin and it really makes no sense.

Ru gives the challenge to Raja, who is the only one who made something that wasn’t completely wild.

The main challenge is to make three different hair looks for a wig show. The first has to be a classic look from a prior era, the second has to be a modern runway look and the third is hair fantasy extravaganza. There’s a “wig bar” for the queens to choose from, and Raja gets a five second head start. Um, big prize, that.

Most of the queens decide to work on the hardest style – the fantasy one – first. Yara is very confidant because she can do hair very well – Raja and Manila both agree she has the best shot at winning. As Yara has not won a challenge yet, she’s looking forward to it. Shangela, who really doesn’t know much about hair, is trying to go it alone because no one is giving her help now.

She does spend a minute or two trying to help Shangela, who takes it while saying she’s not going to take help. Villain edit, of course.

When Ru comes to check things out, she notices most do not have more than one or maybe two looks finished. She’s also a bit bemused that Manila’s Marie-Antoinette Afro look is her CLASSIC look, not her fantasy. There’s a lot of afros, and a lot of hair flying around. I do find one thing interesting – Alexis says her fantasy look is “cotton candy.”

Raja’s red carpet, btw, is inspired by Janice from the Muppets. RuPaul tells her they’re expecting great things from her – bar is HIGH for Raja.

Then Ru’s girls are given an evil twist – their fantasy hair has to be accompanied by a dress also made of hair. Yara gets wacky enough that Manila wants, um, terminate her. Shangela thinks it’s all strategic, but she would. It’s working to unnerve the others, strategic or not. Raja is very nervous indeed. They have a huge amount to do – three wigs, three outfits, one out of weird materials. They’re just as bad the second day. Manila puts her makeup on early so she won’t have to worry about and can look pretty if she has to lipsync. Raja jokes that if Carmen were still there, she’d glue two wigs to her chest and be done.

The judges this week, besides Michelle and RuPaul, are Santino, Wayne Brady and Fantasia (winner, American Idol S3, a season I did not watch at all.) This was literally the first time I’ve ever heard Fantasia speak.

Yara is first – disco is a sequined jumpsuit and long Afro hair. Classic is a dress that to me is ugly, but she has a strong, asymmetric haircut. Fantasy is a “scoodle” – fluffy white dress that looks sort of poodlish with a scorpion tail coming out of her head. It’s a very strong showing with lots of creativity and skill.

Alexis’s first look is 40s Hollywood and glitter, except nothing looks 40s to me, second is an unflattering red dress with an overdone “Evening Mohawk” with just too much happening. I do like the fantasy ballerina with the jewels in the hair, though.

Raja is, well. Raja. Her first look is a sixties secretary, very Twiggy. Her second is rock star runway, with a wig she razored (she took care of Adam’s hair on the tour, so she knows what she’s doing), and the third is cotton candy easter egg, with an attempt to make her wigs not look like hair. She’s amazing, but again, bar is high for her. As it should be.

Shangela is a flamenco dancer, which isn’t actually an era. Her second look is a daytime red carpet, with a wedge haircut, and her third is a warrior alien princess with a “skirt” made of two very long falls front and back, and these styrofoam cones coming out of her wig. It looks unfinished.

Manila wears her afro Marie Antoinette for the first, and it works, she goes for the elegant Audrey Hepburn look for the second and the third is…a bee. A cute bee, but a bee.

The judges LOVE Yara, although there’s a long riff on the Ho of Whoville, the Who Ho, and Fantasia wants her disco outfit, which reminds her of her aunties.

They think Alexis’s fantasy look is the best, and her runway was discount RuPaul and that she wore the runway.

Raja looked like anime, and they loved the red carpet, although Santino wanted to see her do full on Oscar. Wayne loved her sixties look.

Shangela got dinged for both her historical and runway looks.

Manila got praised for many things, but Santino thought her runway jewelry made her look mannish.

Yara wins, and I’m good with that. I think Raja could have won, but Yara is amazing with hair. Manila is also safe, which leaves Shangela and Alexis to lipsync for their lives. Alexis gets to stay – she lives the song. Shangela is completely not surprised.

And I’m torn. I do NOT like Shangela but she IS smart and funny and brings the conflict that makes the show more interesting. Alexis is just not as biting, Yara is too sweet, and we’re left with Raja and Manila tossing fake insults at each other. So, while she deserved to go, and I understand Raja’s relief, I think I’ll miss her.

If I do miss her – RuPaul is letting Michelle, Santino and Billy B bring one of the sashayed queens back next week, and Shangela is eligible.

The major drama of Untucked was “Did Raja use tulle when she made her fantasy dress?” Yara is outraged because it wasn’t just hair, and Shangela, calling herself Nancy Drew, is going to get to the bottom of it – and expects Raja to lie so she’ll have to really look.

And when they do confront Raja, Raja quite happily tells them that she took the scraps of hair from her candy-colored wigs, and used them to cover gauze to complete her look. She’s rather proud of her solution, in fact – she got to use more hair and get interesting colors that way. So, that was a complete fizzle. Alexis had visible shoulder straps – I can’t imagine that most of them didn’t have something as a foundation for the wigs. ESCANDELO!

Oh, Alexis also didn’t think that combining two wigs and adding plastic balls was fantasy hair. But styrofoam cones are?

The commercial bumpers made it seem like Manila and Raja were being nasty to Shangela because she was probably going to leave, but actually, they were teasing each other in private.

I don’t know who I want back, so I’m just going to wait and see.


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  1. Anne says:

    Enjoyed reading this as always.

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