American Idol Top 11 Redux Results

Just going to post my liveblog. 🙂

No more saves. 55 million votes. New record at this stage of the competiton. My bottom three? Naima, Thia and Stefano. I’m sure about Naima going.

I can’t wait to hear the medley.

Fantasia plus Jamie Foxx and

No medley – dividing into acts? Duet – Lauren and Scotty – “I told you so.” Carrie Underwood song. They’re nice together. Also, two teenagers together – cute.

Called in for results. Think I could like this. Both will be safe. Yep. Head to the couches. Are they going to have each set of kids perform and then results? Not sure I hate that. Are any of these going to be Elton John songs? I’m betting now.

Ford commercial for “Kryptonite” and I’m not playing the challenge.

Ryan talks to Casey about his beard – he’s keeping it. James got some fan mail with gifts. He got a WWE world champion belt with “Crazy James” engraved on it.

Naima and Jacob performing together. Now, what do they have in common? Singing Ashford and Simpson’s “Solid” But they’re doing a decent job and even dancing. .Naima knows. And it is Naima.

Fantasia is singing. And she loves Steven. Lady can sing.

Haley, Thia and Pia – singing “Teenage Dream”. Oh, this is Pia finally. Haley is growling and Thia is pretty, but Pia is ON. Thia’s bottom three. Yep.

Kris and Katy are in the audience.

Package on their rock and roll lifestyle, and them leaving the mansion. It leaks and lights flicker. In a hotel now.

Paul, Casey, Stefano and James – Band on the Run. Stefano on keyboards, Casey on bass, other two on guitar. Steven – band can open for Aerosmith next tour. Stefano is bottom three. PAUL! Alabama, I am disappoint.

Jamie Foxx and From a movie. An animated movie. All righty, then.

It’ll be Naima and Paul, although I’d rather lose Thia. I’m not a fan of Paul’s voice, but he strikes me as a musician’s musician. He seems to really, really LOVE music – I can’t explain this feeling I have. Which also means he’ll be fine if it’s him.

Paul is SAFE!

Okay, So. I didn’t want Naima to go, but she was thoroughly bussed. Thia needs to grow up into her considerable talent, so it’s not bad she left.


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