Adam and the news

So, there’s been some interesting news coming out in Adamland.

No, not THAT, even though it makes me happy to see. No, not THAT, either.

I’m talking about studio tweets. Tweets (largely) by people with whom Adam is working, with one or two by Adam himself, although true to form, he’s mostly just either following these people or sending silly and sometimes esoteric tweets to them, as if part of some huge and hilarious injoke. Which, probably, they are. Because,while he isn’t utterly unable to pimp himself, it’s not something he seems to enjoy doing, but he does make connections.

Why am I enjoying those tweets?

Number one, it means he’s working. Whatever else is going on in his life, good or bad, public or private, he is in the studio/lab/whatever, working hard at what is, in fact, his real job – creating a second album that will, I hope, sell as strongly as any album can in this current climate and will produce several radio hits. Yes, he needs to work at the other job, too, to help this new album sell, but he has to have the product. And Adam is very conscious of the need to have product, which is probably why he and his label have done so many spin-offs.

He took his break, but playtime is over.

Number two, it’s the people he’s working with. BC Jeans. Ryan Tedder. Bonnie McKee. Nikka Costa. Sia is coming on NEXT WEEK. Max Martin is a promise for the near future. These are all people with serious musical credibility. Many of them are hitmakers. Others have their own point of view, and several are people Adam himself fanboys. Two of them have already worked with him. These are not lightweights or unknowns, or, for that matter, CHEAP. The label is paying good money, which means that they believe he can earn it back.

Last time, they asked Adam who he wanted to work with, and he gave them a list and that’s who he got. Last time, they gave him, according to Ryan Tedder, unprecedented control over that first project. FYE is pretty much a success given music sales today, so it only makes sense that they’ll do the same thing again. Only this time, Adam is asking for people to fit his current vision of the album (as much of one as he has, I mean) and I’ll bet that they’ve given him even more control. That comes from his personality, too, but he’s proven himself. Which tells me Adam wanted to work with all these people.

Number three is how excited THEY are to work with Adam – talking about hits and magic and an incredible voice (well, yeah) and it looks like he’s made some friends, too. Whether it’s his talent or his charm or both, he’s getting connections exactly where he needs them and that can only help. And, of course, it’s always lovely when people like someone you like – especially if they work with them.

Number four, though, is the biggest thing yet. We now know that, out there in the world, are new songs. Songs we have never heard before because they never existed before, songs that, even as demos, in Adam’s voice and, to some extent, by his own hand. And some of those songs will make it onto the second album – an album filled with music from his voice and his hand that expresses who he is now. We haven’t been able to hear truly new music, just endless rearrangements of what we know, for a long, long time. We’re hungry.

And, judging from the press he got for some of those tweets, so is the music world. He can sing, he can write, he can choose music and he learns. This all bodes so well. And so, I am excited and happy.

As for the other news? The latest pictures show a very happy man,and that’s enough for me. And I’m amazed that the other bit of news is actually news, but it’s a blip on the radar for the one Idol alum who is allowed to act like a normal pop singer, and who is perceived that way by the rest of the world.


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  2. DallasGlitters says:

    I’m glad to see an article/blog about something that is actually newsworthy! Can’t wait to see what these collaborations bring us next fall.

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