American Idol Top 9 Results

Still processing what happened tonight. Wow.

Okay. Results night. Packages and guest performances and Ryan destroying dreams.

My predictions were Paul, James and Stefano bottom three, although I did think it was possible Jacob would be there instead. When Ryan said it was shocking, I really thought it might be Jacob.

They start with a medley of “I Love Rock and Roll”, “The Letter”, and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

There was a Ford video. Paul and Pia were safecrackers. Paul is hot in a suit.

Package of Russel Brand giving charisma lessons. That doesn’t work. Either you get a good roll on charisma or you don’t.

The lights are dimmed, and Ryan summons Casey, Stefano and Lauren. I predict Stefano for bottom three, and it is, indeed, Stefano.

Constantine Maroulis, whom I have never heard because my first full season was season five, sings. To be precise,he sings “Unchained Melody.” Do I ever have to hear him again? And he made long hair not sexy. That doesn’t happen with me. My husband has a two foot ponytail. And he does NOT have a scarf on his mic stand.

There was a package of Gwen Stefani styling the girls. The girls looked terrible last night, so I’m not sure this was a good idea.

Ryan calls Pia, Scotty and Paul. I predicted Paul. Pia gives an answer sounding like a pageant queen. And PIA is the one in the bottom. Steven cursed. I don’t blame him. I was shocked.

TMZ has a package. It’s ignorable.

Finally, James, Haley and Jacob are called down, and Jacob is in danger. So, I’m 1 for 3 for the original prediction. Still think Stefano is going home.

Then Iggy Pop performs. Shirtless. It’s amazing and wonderful and probably the coolest thing to happen on Idol EVER. This is a rock star, boys and girls. Amazing.

Jacob is safe. Nice fakeout, Ryan. And…PIA is out.

Pia, my darlings, has the most range, power and control of anyone on the show,and a gorgeous voice. Technically, she is the best singer this year. She’s also beautiful. But she came across as pageanty and cold and she never MOVED. I am still shocked. And, just like Jennifer, sad and angry. Jennifer is even crying.

Remember, Jennifer always gave her constructive criticism. She WANTED Pia to succeed. And I have faith she will.

But I’m still processing.

I think Haley next week and then…finally boys, with a Lauren/Scotty finale. And Scotty will win.


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