American Idol Top 8 Results Night

Results night – apparently not a shocker tonight because Ryan doesn’t say anything. All right then. They’re doing duets and groups again. This makes me happy. I miss the silliness of the group performances BUT we actually get something worth viewing.

Also, 53 million votes last night.

The first performance is a duet between Scotty and Lauren, singing Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey.” Yes, a country song from the country teens again. Makes me wonder who Jacob and Haley will sing with. It’s pleasant enough, but Scotty and Lauren just don’t harmonize well. Also, I am increasingly disturbed by the way Scotty holds his microphone.

Next, we have a package about the Ford video and how they zombified some of the contestants. Then they show the video. It was a video.

And then comes the best part of the whole show – a jazz duet of “Moanin” between Haley and Casey. This was amazing – best performance from either of them, and probably the best of the season so far for anyone. Haley needs to sing jazz more often and if they don’t do this number on tour, they’re idiots. Ryan even asks the judge what they think (and they love it, of course. But this time, they’re right.)

Lights are dimmed. And Haley is bottom three, as I predicted. I really hope she doesn’t go and that she continues to sing jazz.

There is a package of Rob Reiner basically doing a standup with the kids.

Jason Aldean, who looks like a singing hat, and Kelly Clarkson, who can sing circles around most of her successors, sing their country duet.

Remaining four guys do a Sound of Silence/Mrs. Robinson medley, with James and Paul on guitar and Jacob and Stefano doing vocals. Jacob and Stefano do not harmonize well. It kind of fell apart by the end.

Two of the guys are bottom three – I predict Stefano and either Paul or Jacob. Ryan tells James, without a fake-out, that he’s safe. Good. DO NOT play games with James. Results nights are stressful for everyone, but more so for James. People say he was crying when the results came in. As I expect Scotty to win, he probably will be voted off at some point. I know they have a psychologist on staff. I hope he has a plan in place.

Anyway, Haley is safe – no girls go home this week. And so we’re down to Paul and Stefano, and Paul goes home. Stefano has nine lives.


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