American Idol Top 7 Performance

I trust all who celebrated had good seders this Passover.

So, back to American Idol. And the audience is full of James signs.

Tonight is “Music from the 21st Century.”

They start wth the six ousted Idols – five girls and Paul – singing “Shut Up” by P!nk. The girls are fine, with their big voices. Paul sounds worse than ever. He’s also wearing the same suit as last week. This was not fun.

First up is Scotty, with a package making fun of the way he holds his mic (like a flute) and how he smirks. He’s singing “Swingin'” by Leann Rimes. And it’s good – I think he sounds a bit like James Croce – and it’s fun and it’s yet another country song by Scotty. And this time the judges are telling him to get out of that box and take a chance already.

Next is James, with a package about his scarf-tail, after an interview where he tells Ryan that his staging comes fully formed as visions out of his “crazy.” He seems to be wearing jodhpurs.

He’s singing Muse’s “Uprising.” There’s no way James is going to be even close to Bellamy here. And here comes a marching band drum corp. And James is wearing a long coat with a single epaulette, looking very comic opera. Yes, it’s about a revolution, but usually the guys in the comic opera uniform are the ones being revolted AGAINST. And none of this would matter if he sang the song well, but he doesn’t. The slower parts are dull and flat, the upper ranges are screechy. And later we find out that Bellamy himself ENCOURAGED James to sing the song that way. Ouch. The judges? LOOOOOOOVE it.

Haley is singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. And I like it. It’s not Adele, but it’s listenable and she does a decent job. Judges LIKE it. Not LOVE. She’s wearing a cute red polka dot dress and sitting on a stool next to the piano. She looks cute. Nothing about her package because no one had anything to say.

Jacob is singing Luthor Vandross’ “Dance with My Father” His package has them calling Jacob a “diva”, which is not even code for “gay”, and a musical phrase they always use. And he gets emotional, but this is a beautiful restrained performance, with him only going over the top at the end, where it belongs. I really enjoyed it. The judges say it’s “emotionally beautiful”, but too restrained. “IF you’re back next week, oversing again. We like that.” Jacob got BUSSED.

Casey has a beard and also plays the melodica. Wow. They’re all wearing fake beards in his package. He’s singing Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe.” It works for him because there’s no real melody and he can rock it up while playing a guitar instead of a bass. And then he kisses Jennifer, and they all go wild. The judges love it.

Stefano is a ladies man. He also sings Ne-Yo’s “Closer” poorly. The judges like it.

Lauren, who is talkative and has an accent, has the pimp spot, and she’s singing “How Do You Wait for Heaven” by Sarah Evans, and the song fits her and she looks adorable, although I could hear her sing off. The judges want her to sing other country singers (she can stay in her box), but to try to hit the big notes she’s been avoiding. Yeah. Not great advice.

Bottom three – Haley, Stefano and Jacob (I think Haley and Jacob were great, but.) Stefano is going home.


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