American Idol Top 7 Results

Results night. Randy is wearing a flag shirt and 52 million people voted last night.

Ryan interviews the judges. Randy doesn’t know what’s going to happen; Jennifer doesn’t want it to be a girl; Steven doesn’t promise to behave at all.

Lauren, Haley, Jacob and Stefano (the latter three are my bottom 3, with Stefano to go home) sing “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. I’m tired of this song, but it doesn’t deserve this treatment. They cannot harmonize at all, although the girls do a better job than the boys.

The Ford Video is greening a desert.

The remaining boys – Scotty, Casey and James – are singing “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay. I have two distinct Season 8 references for this song – it was the background to Adam’s audition AND it’s the song Matt sang during the group rounds, the one that got him voted out the first time (not the last.) And they do NOT work together – just like jazz, country and rock really don’t.

They’re all gathered on the couches now, and Ryan dims the lights and calls up Casey and Jacob. He asks Casey about kissing Jennifer, and Casey was in the moment, more or less. Jacob says he believe they meant diva in only the best way, but he’ll get the others for calling him that anyway. Casey is safe, of course, and Jacob heads for the stools.

I am relieved. Traditionally, top seven was the time for the Huff – when the contestants are divided into two groups of three with the remainder asked to choose which group was safe. In the last two years, it was top five, which made no sense at all. The Huff tends to be traumatic for all but the most confidant people – only two or three ever actually chose. Melinda outright refused and David Archuleta just sat down on the floor (and David Cook came over and sat next to him. Made me love him.) But if we already know Jacob is bottom three, there is no Huff now.

Speaking of David Cook, he performs his new single, “The Last Good-bye”. It’s a very pop song,and he sounds tired and a bit off. I still like it – it’s less jangling than the version that leaked. I hope it does well for his sake. I’m a very loyal person and David’s a good guy.

He’s doing his third Race for Hope soon. It’s part of ABC Squared, which is an organization working for a cure for brain cancer. David’s brother Adam died of brain cancer the day he did his first race. As I said, a mensch. He also gets Ryan to introduce his mother to Steven Tyler, who hugs her.

There is a package about the kids getting some time off – a Dodgers game (meeting Tommy Lasorda), bowling (Haley wins) and Jacob’s favorite, a spa. Even Scotty gets a manicure.

Lights are dimmed. Ryan calls Lauren, James and Stefano. Stefano is sent to the stool right away – no one is surprised. And then it turns out Matt Bellamy liked James’ performance last night. Wow. James and Lauren are, of course, safe.

Then Ryan calls Haley and Scotty. There’s no surprise here – Haley is bottom three. But then Ryan says Haley is safe and it’s just the two boys.

There’s an interview after the commercial – both are worried but confident – and then Katy Perry and Kanye West perform “ET.” It’s flashy and bright and forgettable.

And Jacob is safe, and Stefano is going home. He sings “Lately” as his singoff. James is crying – they were close friends, and he’s lost part of his support system. After Stefano finishes, James runs onto the stage and grabs him from behind and lifts him up and I think it’s very sweet.

Next week is the music of Carol King and I’m now afraid.


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  1. barbara kleinschmidt says:

    ….lolol…… good……….

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