American Idol Top 6 Results

Live blog

Ryan promises shocking results.

Steven is “man of the hour” – two covers – Rolling Stone and People.

Bruno Mars.

Package on royal wedding and Brit Week at a party at the British consulate.

Medley of Carol King hits. Lauren sounds awful. “Take Good Care of my Baby”. “One Fine Day” “Go Away Little Girl” Scotty in the middle of a bunch of girls. “Too Late” on the staircase.

Ford video is to “Our House”. Funny for a group in a hotel. 🙂

Crystal Bowersox sings. Harmonica player. It sounds country. And she sounds breathy. “Ridin’ With the Radio” But she’s Crystal and she brings it. No interview.

Questions for finalists. Casey would do a duet with Oscar Peterson. Jacob discovered the range of his voice when he was six or seven years old at choir practice, when he could sing from soprano to tenor. The hardest thing about being an Idol finalist for Lauren was missing friends and family, who are fine after the tornadoes. Scotty “the body”‘s preIdol job was in a grocery store and in a tanning salon. James played with a few bands preIdol. He always has a project going on. Haley’s favorite past Idol contestant is Adam Lambert, and Siobhan and Kelly and…

Haley called to the center. Jimmy thinks Haley has a great voice, but doesn’t know who she is. That might send her home. And she curses. She says she does know who she is. Haley is SAFE!!!! I’m so happy to be wrong.

Scotty is next. Jimmy thinks he overlooks subtleties and that’s his weakness. And Ryan tortures him by making him sit down.

Lauren is called up. Lauren only hears negative in her critique and has a poise when she’s confidant. Jimmy thinks she’s staying.

And now they bring out Casey. Jimmy says that Casey is great musician and will be a great singer-songwriter, but he growled too much. But he’s safe. No results yet.

James is up. When James picks the right songs, there is no doubt he can win this thing. He’s safe. And thank goodness Ryan didn’t torture HIM.

Jacob – it’s not just the voice. You need the whole package, and Jacob could go home. Ryan calls the remaining three up. Lauren is safe.

So the bottom are Casey, Jacob and SCOTTY. Wow.

He never said “bottom 3”. Jacob is SAFE. Wow. Wrong.

Casey is gone. Scotty is safe. Wow. WRONG. But he was on borrowed time, so fine.He sings “I Put a Spell On You” to Haley. Nice leavetaking. Classy guy.


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