RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 Finale + Untucked

Sorry for the delay, my dears. Holiday recovery.

Ah, the grand finale. I’m sorry it’s so late, but I didn’t get to see the episode until this morning, or Untucked until this evening.

So. Anyway, we’re down to the final three – Alexis, Manila and Raja. Three very different queens – Alexis is pure pageant, always polished and elegant, a perfect example of Latina/Florida drag. Manila is witty with interesting costumes, always creating a scene to play. Raja is pure fashion and runway, but in her genderf*ck way, and with a dash of humor.

Alexis misses her sister Yara, and Raja has gotten a new respect for Alexis because she has come this far. The two of them gang up on Manila, saying she’s annoying. Manila agrees, and then compliments Raja by saying “It’s nice to know you can do this even your late forties.”

RuPaul’s shemail is confusing, but ends with “size matters”, so they figure it’s the size of their genitalia. Alexis declares herself the winner and they all applaud. Instead of Ru, Michelle descends the stairs and tells them that, as this is the Olympics of drag, they’re going to be goddesses in Ru’s new video, Champion.

They’ll also each have a one on one “luncheon” with Ru.

The choreographer is wearing an off the shoulder red drop-crotch jumpsuit, pearls, a large french hook earring and a beard and mustache. He has the hardest time with Raja, who is a runway girl,not a dancer. Manila is also having a difficult time. Alexis, though, can move.

Lunch with RuPaul – Alexis is first. Ru fixes her a plate of a single jellybean (“Just have half of one.”) Ru asks who is rooting for Alexis – Her family. Her chosen, drag family, not her biological one.

Then they get to practice with a pit crew guy as a living prop. Raja is first, and, oh, my. She’s dressed as a boy, and once she gets over her “intimacy” problems, it’s so hot.

Manila has lunch. The hardest part is being away from her family. Wants to make her father proud of her.

Alexis and her pit crew guy aren’t as hot, but they’re having fun and laughing.

Now it’s Raja’s turn to have lunch with Ru. She sees her jellybean, and asks if it was Thanksgiving – “I couldn’t POSSIBLY!” Ru thinks she’s an introvert, but one who still can own the runway. She’s hoping her family can see how much her life has given her. “Hi, Mom, hi, Dad! That’s a drag queen and so am I!” She’s very giggly.

Manila has hard time with her pit crew guy because she has a boyfriend – another drag queen – and doesn’t want her jealous. Also, guy was greasy.

They get goddessed up. Raja and Manila wear blonde wigs, and Raja wraps her hair in gold cords. They all wear pink tunics. I think hair and makeup are all they can be creative with. RuPaul has a white gown.

Raja, as predictable, does poorly with the choreography, while Alexis shines.

Second costume is black and now they all have black wigs. Alexis’s wig is HUGE. And it keeps getting in the way of the performance – hiding the other girls, and the director blames it for Manila missing her mark. They’re being athletes, and the wig doesn’t fit.

They bring in the boys. These are filmed in silhouette and shadow. Manila manages to be very sexy with hers, who picks her up like she was a ballerina. It’s gorgeous.

Raja’s turn. She runs out saying, “I get to touch naked man body!” She’s taller than he is. And she is extremely sexy and pornographic. The oh, so shocking faux bj, in fact. (Waves to the Adam fans.)

Alexis is told to keep in profile or she’ll be all hair. She does take direction well, and they end up doing a cute cha-cha at the director’s request.

Next, they pick up props. Raja is graceful and athletic looking with her javelin; Alexis is beautiful and powerful with her bow and arrow. Manila gets stuck with the discus and can’t make it work.

Then they stand in a revolving circle to lipsync. Raja is fearless and proud of herself; Manila feels alive. Alexis, who has been doing drag since she entered little boy drag pageants, is amazed she’s in a RuPaul video.

It’s the last day. Raja asks for a group hug. Alexis makes it clear that she hasn’t changed, nor has her drag, and she’s proud of that.

They discuss who should win. Raja should because she’s the fiercest, but Alexis wants Manila to win if she herself doesn’t.

The judges are purely family – Michelle and Santino.

Raja comes out dressed like a jazz dancer in shorts and a halter, dripping with chains, with a derby over a wig with a bun. She looks, as usual, fierce and gorgeous.

Manila is wearing an ugly chartreuse and purple dress and has a tiara in her hair, but she herself is beautiful.

Alexis is being her true self in a pink showgirls outfit with a matching parasol and bedazzled hair.

They’ve each won three challenges, which says how strong they all were.

Critique –

They show highlights from the video, and Raja seems to have mastered the dancing – and even does some with a sword. Santino loves her take on drag, but doesn’t feel her as a blonde. Still, he loved the androgynous looks. Michelle thinks she needs more makeup.

Manila looks lovely, but her earrings are too big. Michelle thinks she’s consistent and a lovely drag princess.

Alexis is her true self as a showgirl. She also can dance. Santino thought she brought athleticism, and I do remember how good she was at pitching that baseball. Michelle didn’t think she’d be there, but she made it, was true to herself. She’s also adorable.

Each queen gets interviewed alone (the other two go to the Gold Lounge.) Alexis is first. She is asked the other girls’ pros and cons. Raja’s pro is how good she is on the runway; her con is that HE’S very hard to read. Manila is the only girl Alexis wanted to punch in the face, but she admits she’s annoying, so she and Alexis have that in common. Alexis thinks her own con is that she is own worst enemy when it comes to moving forward. Her pro is that she’s a fighter and is therefore her own hero.

Manila comes on. Her pro about Alexis is that she was one of the first who stuck out in Manila’s mind and she’s an amazing performer BUT her drag is not exciting. She loves Raja, and thinks she’s very fashion, but is also maybe too editorial. Manila herself is crazy and stubborn, but she believes she can be herself and still do what the judges want her to do.

Raja believes Alexis is talented but won’t think out of the box. Manila is awesome, but there is room to growth. She also fits a template – not that that’s bad, because there was a time when templates didn’t exist, but she does fit one. Raja herself can finally think of herself as a beautiful person and is proud of it.


The judges love Manila – she can do anything, she has real presence and she’s very well-spoken. She’s a superstar and would represent Ru well. However, she lacks emotional security.

Michelle had counted Alexis out, and Ru thinks she’s too regional (Florida.) But she’s flawless in her presentation.

Raja, though – is she only really good on the runway? Does she do anything but fashion? Still, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. They love her genderf*ck, and is amazing. Totally fierce.

They’re brought out again. Alexis is told that her smile and her spirit are reminders of the joy drag can bring to the world, but she’s out and must sashay away.

So it’s down to Manila and Raja to lipsync for their lives. And right away, Manila is stuck – her dress doesn’t allow much movement, whereas Raja is dressed as a dancer. Both are being themselves, and both are nervous. But Raja does out do Manila and so.

Raja is crowned the winner.

They all cry. Manila really wanted to win, and says she’ll be in the fourth season box as she writes on the mirror. She also says that, as first runner up, she could take the crown if Raja dies of old age.

And that crown is bigger than Raja’s head. 🙂

Untucked – queens are two by two as the third gets questioned. Later, though, only Alexis says what she told the judges.

They go through the other queens – first, though, all were upset that Shangela popped out of the box.

Venus – ugly Christmas outfit.
Phoenix – accused Venue of cheating, was nasty to Stacy (and didn’t outstay her.)
Mimi Imfurst – annoyed everyone.
India – was youngest, looked oldest. Also could not act. Was a fun person, but her personality faded against the others.
Mariah – only knew how to give pretty face. And did a bad Joan Crawford parody.
Stacy – Raja knows she was hard on her, because she didn’t get her. But there was always someone worse than her. Alexis liked her a lot, but when it came time to lipsync, she went for the competition. Hated that she was the one to send Stacy home.
Delta – Raja adores her, been her friend for years. Alexis loved how she was always perfectly polished – hair and makeup perfectly pageant. And she kept it real.
Carmen – Rated R. Always naked. Alexis thought she stayed because she was “stunningly beautiful”, but Manila said she was always crafty – could read a girl, came up with great answers. Also, she farted a lot.
Shangela – “Shabangela” Raja had many many issues, and Shangela knew exactly which buttons to push. Yes, she’s smart and funny and can act and sing – and maybe after show they can get along just fine. And then they all imitate her “oh so” phrase, almost as annoying as “Halleloo!”
Yara – insane, funny, cool and strange. Alexis hated performing against another friend, and didn’t expect to stay, and really hated that she gave up. Wanted the judges to decide. Manila also expected that Yara would win, and was angry that she gave up – the harsh critique at that point was probably too much. At which point, since Alexis brought it, she deserved to stay.

And they had a blast, despite rough moments. Raja asks for a group hug before going back out – and realizes she’s as tall as Manila’s hair. Because, yes, she’s a dude.


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