RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion

RuPaul introduces the bottom five queens – Venus DiLite and Phoenix. Mimi Imfurst and India Ferrah. Mariah. Then she pimps her latest single, “Glamazon.”

Venus has had more facial work done, and thinks she’d have won Snatch Game as Madonna. Phoenix was just lost as an actress.

Mimi normally picks people up in her act, so it was something she thought reasonable to do during her lipsync. Everyone else (especially India) disagree. This was not one of her shows. Mimi actually gets this. She also gives India a t-shirt that says, “I Got Picked Up by Mimi Imfurst and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!” She’s less than thrilled.

India also thinks she was ousted because Carmen gave her lousy roles. Ru doesn’t buy it and says she’s using excuses.

Mariah believes her background in ballroom was a disadvantage because she didn’t put on drag every week and she didn’t lipsyn, so she never learned lyrics. She has gotten touching fanmail.

Next, Ru introduces Stacy Layne Mathews and Delta Work. Shangela LaQuifa Watley. Carmen Carrera and Yara Sofia.

Stacy is now the Oprah of Back Swamp – everyone knows who she is. She’s most bothered by Delta (who is wearing a Heathers neckace, as is Carmen) saying she shouldn’t have been in the competition. Delta says that the show is both a fraternity and a sorority, and things happen. And she was clearly wrong about Stacy because Stacy won an episode first. Delta should have been more of a lady and said more positive things because negative things don’t make things better. She learned a lot from Stacy. She also got other things, things NOT promised. She’s been to NYC and on red carpets.

Meanwhile,. Stacy has gotten marriage proposals from Africa.

Shangela, who still can’t put on make-up, is back again. She thinks she redeemed herself. She believes she was one of the most strategic queens. DJ has a role in a tv pilot but she still wants Shangela to have a career.

Carmen’s six year old stepdaughter watched the show, and just wanted to know why Chris was wearing makeup and could she, too? She was just grateful to be brought back. When it comes to the strategizing – Carmen doesn’t think that way. She thinks that what you need to be is good and that’s enough. Also, she wouldn’t have sung country anyway – she WANTED reggae, so all of Shangela’s strategery went for nothing. Shangela can’t wrap her brain around this concept.

Shangela wanted to win and get the money. No one else, of course, wanted that.

Yara gave up because she was exhausted and because she was tired of how unfair the judges were. They loved everything some contestants did. When pressed for a name, she says, no hesitation, “Raja.” If Raja is such a great makeup artists, why doesn’t she do such bad drag make-up? I think Yara doesn’t understand drag outside of her region. She also thinks she had a difficult time answering the question about what she’d do with the $75K. Ru says it happens that way in the real world.

Ru brings in the top three – Alexis Matteo, then Manila Luzon. Finally, the winner, Raja, who looks gorgeous. She, like Manila, is wearing a Heather’s necklace.

Is Alexis’s family proud of her? Yes, but it’s a thing because of the whole gay and drag thing, given that she has a Catholic Pentecostal family. But her family now has a new perspective on her, and see her as an actor,not someone who wants to be a woman. This was the third time she’d auditioned for the show, and she doesn’t think she’d have made it past the first episode in either earlier season. But queens should keep trying. She has not heard from her Marine exboyfriend and that chapter is closed. Ru pretends he’s backstage in drag, but no.

Manila has gotten strong negative reaction for her Asian humor, but only from non-Asians. Everyone else loves it. Humor must push buttons. Her father wouldn’t watch but her mom did – and thought Carmen was pretty.

Raja finds the entire experience surreal and abstract and also invasive because of the haters. Her win was controversial. What does she think about the “man in a dress” comments? Ten years ago, it would have hurt. Now that she’s in her “early thirties”, is in a place in her life and is now happy to be androgynous. “It worked for Bea Arthur,” says Delta. Does she read the comments? Yes, she is experienced – I am seasoned and known. There’s no reason the winner must be new. Not that it has to be.

Raja was criticized as being harsh backstage. It’s a battle and it’s fun and we don’t need to be so supportive. Mariah – it’s a sporting event. Shangela brings up the Heathers/Boogers thing – if you need to put someone down to build yourself up, that’s the way it is. She herself is the Charlie Sheen of drag. Alexis wasn’t insulted if they had to feel better about themselves.

Manila says we weren’t putting you down – we were being funny.

Manila says she HAD been a booger – a mess, unpolished, new. Alexis says that’s what you’re saying about us.

Delta – we’re grown men. We know our names aren’t Heather. Raja – we weren’t being literal – we were just being funny. And by the end, Heathers just meant her three little friends she felt safe around. Queen of the boogers was Shangela because she was her biggest nemesis.

Stacy was bothered because she thought these nice people had become nasty. Raja offended her the most. The whole bullfrog things. Raja didn’t mean it to hurt anyone’s feelings. If I could squash it. I was too harsh to her. Gave Stacy her necklace. Made Stacy happy.

They get question Michele. Why did they bring back Carmen? “Look at her!” Is it because they’re both from NJ? Delta came up and so did Mariah – Carmen was fresh in the mind and they thought she had more tricks. Alexis almost left because of things Michele said. “Called her Hannah Montana the hooker.” Michele asks if they only want positive comments (like Idol this year?) Alexis says it’s so easy to talk about a drag queen but it’s so hard to be one. Don’t make fun of the breast plate – you bought yours, too. Which she did. We’re female illusionist. And to lose to Raja who didn’t even wear titties (which she was that night.) It’s complicated.

Michele – you are amazingly talented and gorgeous. My job was to help you get to the next level. Why do you dress in a way that makes you look heavier – she dresses to minimize that. Also, NY doesn’t use breast plates. I do get pageant drag and regional drags are different.

Raja thought she was mean. Eyebrow. You were painted fiercely. Mariah liked the consistent judging – familiar to her from the ball room scene.

Miss Congeniality – brings in Santino and Billy B. Voted by the fans. YARA wins! YES! Won a vacation to the Bahamas.

They lipsync to Glamazon.


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