The Voice

I dont think I’m going to recap this series, but I will make occasional posts about it.

One thing is that it’s actually fun to watch.  Not so much for the contestants, who were far better last week, but for the coaches.

It’s a pleasure watching four intelligent, funny, articulate adults banter with each other while acting professional with the singers. Maybe it’s because they are also competing, and because they expect to become very involved with these people, instead of seeing them a couple of hours a week.

At this point, I just want to see more with them. Although I do have to note that I like the age range and the fact that there are four out gay contestants and no one cares. Because they shouldn’t. It IS all about The Voice, after all. Exactly what any Adam Lambert fan would want.


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I'm a devoted fan of Adam Lambert, but also of cooking, knitting, science fiction and pretty anything pop culture. I'm @_mamadeb on Twitter.
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