The Voice S1Ep3

Well, this was very different than Idol, I have to say. The coaches pit two of their OWN artists together in a duet, performed inside a boxing ring no less. They get an assistant coach (I found it interesting that Adam Levine picked a behind the scenes guy instead of another singer as the other three did) to help them train the singers. And then, after the duet, the coach chooses which of their artists gets to stay for the live rounds.

So, they’re winnowing down their own teams. And they choose the terms – the song and the two who compete together.

So, Frenchy Davis won her duet, singing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, for Christina. Blake Shelton paired Tyler and Patrick with “Burning Love” and chose Patrick (I agreed with him), Adam Levine had a man with a lovely contralto (seriously, sounded female) duet with a country girl named Casey doing “Leather and Lace”, which sent ME back to high school. He was better; Levine chose her. And Cee Lo paired two girls on Pink’s “Perfect”, and I could only tell them apart by their clothing. The girl in the gold pants, Vicci, won.

It was fun.


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2 Responses to The Voice S1Ep3

  1. Cyberia says:

    “…lovely contralto…”: You mean “countertenor/tenor” right? Contralto is a female voice type…

    • mamadeb says:

      That was the point. It sounded like a woman’s contralto. Although a true operatic countertenor (with one exception that I know of) actually has a woman’s timbre, and they can go to the soprano range.

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