American Idol Top 4 Results

72 million votes. Some were mine.Will we rage or laugh tonight?

The recap shows Haley LAST for both segments. Makes me wonder if they know something, and how many votes she got last night.

Duet from the guys. James singing COUNTRY. “Start a Band”. This is not bad. Seriously not bad. Why are there children on the stage? Inane song, though.

Girls sing “Gunpowder and Lead”. It’s a great anti-abuse song. I think I like Miranda Lambert, and not just because of her last name. The girls are good.

Windows 7 package. Skyping home. James has an adorable baby, and it was sweet hearing him sing the alphabet with him.

Lauren is safe. This makes me worry for Haley.

Gaga package. The kids prepare for meeting her by watching a clip of her HBO special. She sings “You and I”, and very well, too. Note that this was the song Haley was panned for singing last week.

Enrique singing “Dirty, Dirty Dancer” plus “I Like It”. I think it was pretaped, but they do have the large white balloons still in the studio.

Ford commercial. Fireflies. I used to hate this song.

Jordin package. And she’s apparently a woman.

Steven video. Yeah. Not really gripping me, Steven.

Haley is safe!!!!

James is sent home. He sings out with “Maybe I’m Amazed”, but he’s crying so it doesn’t sound good. And then he says he did so many things for the first time. I felt bad for him at first. But he’s going to be on the tour. And he WILL sing on the finale,with Aerosmith. And who knows? Maybe he’ll put out a decent album – whether originals or rock covers.

I believe Haley is safe because of the way she was treated Wednesday night – people got angry at the shabbiness and cruelty, and thought her reaction was justified. I know a lot of people voted who had not voted in years, if at all, just for that reason. I don’t think this will happen next week.

I expect Lauren and Scotty will split their votes, so only one of them will make it to the final two. I suspect it will be Haley/Scotty, but an all-girl final two would be SO awesome. First time since season 3.


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