Top Chef Masters S3Ep6

Seven chefs. Table of luxury food items. Floyd is relieved that’s both real and nice food – the sort of ingredients he’s used to.

Quickfire – take the diners to heaven. In 7 minutes. 7 minutes in Heaven, huh?

I’m expecting salads, ceviche, and carpaccios. But Naomi is searing foie gras and frying apples. This impresses the other chefs. Especially since searing takes 5 minutes and heating the pan takes two. Hugh is making the “most elaborate catfood of all time.”

Judging each other. Traci doesn’t like it. Rank the dishes from 1-7.

Hugh – tuna two ways – chopped with caviar and ventresca with celery. Ventresca is luxury tuna from the belly. He poached it. It’s bitter.

Traci made carpaccio of beef tenderloin with truffle, miitake mushroom and balsamic vinaigrette. They like it a lot.

Noami has seared foie gras, chanterelle mushrooms and fried lady apples. It’s both impressive (where did she find the extra five minutes?) and delicious.

Celina, who has yet to win anything, made diver scallop crudo with blood orange, kumquat and lemon agrumato (citrus-infused olive oil) Needs salt.

Mary Sue made scallop with pink salt, lime and cilantro. Seasoned perfectly.

Alex made prawn ceviche with kumquat, chili peppers, celery and blood orange vinaigrette. They love tit.

Floyd has a roast prawn with serrano chili, wasable and blood orange juice. Fried the head.

Hugh’s dish wasn’t liked. – 6

Traci – put up very high. – 1

Naomi – Hugh’s fave, but not Floyds – too salty. – 2

Celina – not judged high. – 7

Mary Sue -wide range of votes.- 5

Alex is all over the place. – 3

Floyd – middle to low. -5

Traci has immunity and 5K. Naomi is disappointed. Traci has won three quickfires.

Two teams. Traci gets to pick her team and if she wants three or four. She picks Hugh, Naomi and Mary Sue. Hugh would work for her as a dishwasher. This means the remaining THREE Alex, Floyd and Celina are the other team.

They must produce a family style meal for a rock band – Maroon 5. Hi, Adam Levine.

Tastes – Japanese. Steak. Spanakopita Vegetarian. Corn. Vegan. Thanksgiving. Mexican. Yeah – kinda everywhere and Thanksgiving is – um, a holiday?

They will serve it at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. Plan on the way to Whole Foods and prep on the way to the hotel.

They’re cooking on tour buses. (More like Rvs.) The three person team now has an advantage for the smaller space.

Naomi is taking charge, which Traci should be.

Whole Foods is stressful for time, and Alex’s shopping cart gets stuck in the escalator. The smaller team is out of the supermarket and prepping first. No one cooked on a RV before.

Traci has a history of carsickness and is not happy.

4 person = black team. 3 person = red team. This makes my life easier. For the duration of this recap, anyway.

Black team driver takes corners too fast.

We have two corn soups. One is vegan, one is flavored with coconut and vanilla. Still. Two corn soups are a lot. We have to have two steaks and two spanakopitas, but I don’t recall the corn guy requesting anything BUT corn.

Equipment is inadequate and not hot enough.

Floyd is searing steak on an induction burner, which he places on the toilet, and it’s bland. Where do they get the induction burner? (Oh, and I’ve cooked on them. They’re very neat – the pot and the food get very hot, but the burner doesn’t. It’s done with magnets.)

Alex’s pasta is overcooked because he cooked it too early.

Red Team Service –

Gail Simmons!!!

Floyd made a winter salad and a steak marinated in soy and rice wine vinegar, with asian slaw.

Celina made a vegan silky corn soup and couscous salad with spanakopita.

Alex made a pasta with broccolini, tomato and pasta, and vegan enchiladas with onion and seitan, plus an almond -cocoanut tapioca with grapes. Also, turkey cutlets. With gravy. Which is extremely impressive given time and space limitations, even if they’re not good.

They love the corn soup. James doesn’t like the spanakopita. No one does. They are impressed that enchiladas look bad but taste good. They don’t like the overcooked pasta. The vegan said it was the same pasta people always make for him.

Things are not good on the black bus. Too many cooks, and not enough space. Mary Sue is plating on the bed.

Adam Levine loved the steak, but the critics disagreed. It was bland. They didn’t like the salad since, as Adam said, even he could make it.. They loved the gravy for the turkey. They like the tapioca. If Alex made so much, what did everyone else do? Well, Celina made yummy soup. And bad spanakopita.

The Black Team hands their platters to the waitstaff. Traci has maragaritas in her back pocket.

Black team service.

They start with margaritas.

Mary Sue has chips with salsa diablo and guacamole and vegan tostadas with black beans, chopped salad and crispy fried avocado wedge. Fried avocado blows my mind.

Hugh has corn soup with vanilla, pecans and brussels sprouts, and fennel parmesan spinach spanakopita with dill salad and lemon vinaigrette.

Traci has a Japanese style steak with miso-braised daikon, cucumber and pea shoot salad

Naomi did a breaded and fried turkey with chanterelle smashed potatoes and sour cherry cranberry chutney. Want to make the chutney SO much. She also made an apple crisp with cocoanut, almonds and oats.

They love the chips and avocado. They thought the tostada looked like poop but tasted delicious. They don’t like the corn soup. Too vanilla. They do like the spanakopita. Adam loved the Japanese steak, ad did everyone else. James didn’t like the breading on the turkey. There are differences about the potatoes – some love them, some don’t. It was “flaccid”…

The band is impressed and grateful for the meal. The menus were very similar, which is probably not a great thing.

Hugh is growing on me, despite the unibrow. “I have youth, panache and a single brow going for me.”

Black team is first. They were the favorites. Nice little touches to make it comfort but high end. Frying the avocado made Mary Sue’s dish very hearty. Naomi’s chanterelles elevated her potatoes. Traci’s salad was perfect. Jus from the steak worked for the pea shoots. They loved Hugh’s dill salad. Great success. Traci wins. Yay!

The bring in the red team. The tour bus was a big disadvantage. The work load was not spread evenly – Alex made so many dishes. They were impressed, but it didn’t work. The winter salad was not impressive. There wasn’t a sense of Floyd. Didn’t like the spinach pie with the couscous – forgettable spanakopita. Duress came through the food. Emotions do. I try to purge out anger before I cook for my individuals. They have enough problems in this world – they don’t need angry food.

Least attractive presentation. (And, yes, bus was a disadvantage when it came to platting but these are still family style platters, so they’re not hard to make look good and the Black Team managed.) The pasta was actually bad – cafeteria food. There was enough food they could have not served the pasta. The other chefs could have stepped up.

Alex is going home and thinks it’s fair. Very gracious leavetaking.


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2 Responses to Top Chef Masters S3Ep6

  1. rationalflake says:

    Hugh’s growing on me too. And wtf is Celina still doing there? If she’s not gone in the next couple of weeks, she’s got some producers sextapes.

  2. mamadeb says:

    This week, Celina stayed because she made a delicious soup – probably the best dish of her team. Also, she was almost an Iron Chef.

    I’ve seen some wank that they want a female chef to win – note that we’re down to Hugh and Floyd.

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