The Voice S1Ep4

I really am enjoying “The Voice” right now. Today, it wasn’t just that the coaches are people I can respect (yes, even Blake Shelton – he may have his problems, but at least he knows music AND can speak in complete sentences), it was that people with real voices and real stage presence are rewarded.

In the battle between Tje and Nakia, singing Nee-yo’s Closer, I did agree with Cee-lo’s advisor Monica – Nakia had a bigger voice but Tje’s worked better for me. However, Cee-lo disagreed and I can’t even say he was wrong. Nothing wrong with a big male voice.

On the other hand, it wasn’t even close between Jared and the due Elinowen. Jared just owned that stage. The duo sang to each other, never connected to the audience and Jared got all the attention. Plus he really can sing – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was totally out of his wheelhouse and he killed it. And it was unanimous. Blake and his advisor Monica never had a choice.

Quite honestly, I didn’t even pay much attention to Javier and Angela’s “Stand byMe” battle. Javier has a lovely voice, but Angela bored me. Adam Levine and his advisor (yet another Adam) didn’t have any trouble at all.

As for the final pairing – Beverly was AMAZING. Lady is pure rock and roll. She sang “Baba O’Reilly” like it was written for her. Her opponent, whose name I’ve forgotten, looks like a handsome guy and he sings very well, but she just stole it. And Christina and Sia knew it right off.

Just a pleasure to see good singers be rewarded. YAY.


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