American Idol Top 3 Performance

Top three night – and each contestant gets to sing three songs in the two hour block – their choice, Jimmy Iovine’s choice and Judge’s choice. Note, please, that it’s collective judges, not individual.

I think maybe it’s Jimmy Iovine’s choice in all cases. This week’s guest mentor is Beyonce, who helps with the personal choices.

Scotty’s first, and he chooses to sing “Amazed” by Lone Star. Beyonce thinks he’s a “cutiepie”. He’s pushing himself to go higher.

And. Scotty sings a Scotty song, although at a somewhat higher pitch. He’s wearing a red, white and blue plaid shirt. Steven liked it, Jennifer is pleased she told him to use his vibrato and Randy name-drops Boys II Men. It’s a typical Scotty performance – odd faces, beautiful voice, boring.

Lauren is next, and she chose to sing Faith Hill’s “Wild One.” Beyonce likes her best when she’s singing fun songs. Lauren is wearing an entirely unflattering outfit – a red top that flares over her hips and makes them look huge, blue leggings and white boots. She’s also breathy. The judges love her, even though she wasn’t perfect.

Haley is singing Led Zeppelin – only the second Idol to ever do that. The first is a fan of hers, so he should be pleased. Beyonce says she has prescence and is a rock star. It’s “What Is and What Shall Never Be”, and she kills it. She’s wearing a sparkly dress and high heels, and her FATHER is playing guitar, which is adorable and wonderful, and something they’ve never done before on Idol. She falls in her high heels (which were supposed to be flag shoes) but recovers well. The judges do notice it (it was right in front of them.) Randy says she’s fearless, Steven calls her superb, and Jennifer said that everyone falls or has other things happen, and the best thing is to just go on, which is what Haley did.

Judges unanimously say that Haley got that round.

The next is Jimmy Iovine’s choice.

Scotty sings “Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not” by Thompson Square – not a song I’ve ever heard. And he has his guitar. And, well. Um. It’s Scotty singing a Scotty song. Again. The judges love it, although weirdly, Jennifer wants him to buzz his hair short again.

Lauren is singing “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry. Not exactly an up, happy song, and it doesn’t feel age appropriate to me. And, again, she’s breathy, plus she misses a key change. The judges love it and forgive her. Cute black top and white skirt outfit.

Haley is singing “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. And she’s fine, in her floaty grey dress dancing in the wind machine, but it does seem to last forever. It’s good, not great. Judges love her. Amazingly enough.

They give the round, two to one, to Scotty, with Steven liking Lauren.

Final round is judges’ choice. Scotty gets his song, “She Believes in Me” by Kenny Rogers (for a 17 year old boy? Really?) while surrounded by fans in the grocery store where he used to work, in his old apron. And, no. I can’t. It’s a song for an adult who has tried for years, maybe decades, to make it and didn’t, not for a young boy who doesn’t know what it really means. The judges, though, love it – especially the big chorus. They also make his dad sing “Baby Lock Them Doors.”

Lauren, who is wearing the pale blue pageant dress from hell, is also surrounded by people when she’s told she’s singing Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”. Also, not an age appropriate song – I read it as a mother talking to a child. She’s better than Scotty. Jennifer says she’s beautiful, Steven loves her and Randy name-drops. I find this choice interesting, as it’s a reminder of Scotty’s audition, where he didn’t know the words to this song – adlibing such lines as “Nuts of Wonder”.

Haley, alone in her limo, finds out she’s singing “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morrisette. Which Crystal sang last year WITH Alanis Morrisette. They change the one questionable line about going down in the movie theater again, as they did last year. She’s fine. She gets into it by the end. She’s not great. She’s also wearing KILLER heels. Randy likes it, Steven thinks it’s amazing and Jennifer says she was stronger on the chorus. (Exactly the same as Scotty…)

Third round goes to Lauren.

Predictions? Lauren’s going home. Scotty has James’s voters, and half the country vote, and Haley has some devoted fans now.


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