American Idol Top 3 Results

Guess what? If you fast forward through all the commercials, all the packages and all the guest performances, you can get through an hour’s result show in 30 minutes – and still have time to get dinner out of the oven.

95 million votes on Wednesday night. Some were mine.

JJ Abrams package. The Top 4 get Super 8 cameras.

Haley’s homecoming -it’s raining. It’s raining a lot, and all day. She films her police escort in the rain. They go to her high school and she gets her day by the President of Wheeling, IL. And there are cheers and love and signs and support for the hometown girl, who in turn is amazed she got all these people to see her in the rain.

Some kid opera group performs. I fast forward.

Scotty’s homecoming. And he gets sunshine on Scotty McCreery day. He also gets to visit his current high school and his bedroom and the store where he worked, and there are tears (a lot of them his) and signs thanking God, and while he’s singing “Your Man”, Josh Turner comes by and Scotty is shocked and awed and amazed.

Nicole Scherzinger performs with 50-cents and I skip it.

Lauren’s homecoming, and she goes to see her high school and to go on the radio, but she also sees tornedo devastation, which makes her cry, and to see a little boy who rescued his little brother. And there’s love and support and singing, too.

And then, well. Haley goes home. And she has the best sing-off ever – just killing on “Benny and the Jets”, improvising lyrics about Randy and J.Lo, and telling Steven he’s “weird and wonderful” and dancing and – this is how you do it. I’m not worried about Haley at all.

But I’m also not exactly thrilled about a country finale. Ah, well. They’re nice children.


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