American Idol Top 2 Performance Night

This is actually the shortest performance show this season – one hour.

So, the answer to the question of the evening is – Lauren is singing. Her voice is recovered enough from the strain.

Steven didn’t bother to dress up for the occasion. I didn’t expect him to.

The first songs are reprises from earlier this season.

Scotty won the toss and let Lauren go second, so he’s first. He reprises “Gone”. It’s one of his few faster songs, and he does the normal, good, Scotty job, starting from the audience.

Lauren, in a cute black and silver outfit, sings Carrie Underwood’s “Flat on the Floor” again. She makes good use of the back-up singers to make up for her rough voice.

No judging yet – I assume time constraints.

The next round, the kids get songs chosen for them by their own Idols. For Scotty, it’s George Strait, and he chooses his own “Check Yes or No.” I have never heard this song before, of course. He’s fine. It’s fairly age appropriate, and Scotty has his acoustic guitar and a plaid shirt.

Carrie chooses Pam Tillis’ “Maybe It Was Memphis” for Lauren. She sings it well, but she’s wearing an awful yellow dress with a crinoline, so it looks like a tutu. It’s very distracting. So much that I can’t really pay attention to the song.

And finally, there is judging. Randy gives round one to Scotty, and round two to Lauren. Jennifer agrees, and Steven gives both to Lauren because she’s prettier.

Taio Cruz sings the winning song from the song contest. I think it’s called “Positive” and there’s a robot drum corp. It’s completely inconsquential because the kids are singing their coronation songs next anyway.

Scotty’s coronation song is “I Love You This Big.” Jimmy picked it for Scotty. He’s wearing a suit. He sings it well. The judges loved him.

Lauren sings “Like My Mother Does,” is a cover of a Kristy Lee Cook song. She’s wearing a long white halter dress with a flower border on the skirt. It’s remarkably unflattering. She sings it well – making use of her backup singers – and even moves to hug her mother, where we see the full horror of that skirt plus Ryan helps her down the steps. They both cry. It’s a song designed to get moms to vote for her, not Scotty. The judges love it.

And Randy gives the final round to Lauren, Jennifer calls it a tight race and Steven says it’s Scotty. Or Lauren. I can’t tell. The two kids look so very young up there, even if they also look like a summer wedding in the park.

And then David Cook show what it means to be an American Idol – he sings the boot song beautifully, if growly and totally on key, plus he’s an adult. Nice palate cleanser.


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