The Voice S1ep5

So, this time, it was who did the better duet. By that, I mean, who actually worked it as a duet instead of a battle.

Christina’s duet between Raquel and Julia was…close because neither really grabbed me. They were just singing, you know? But the other three?

Blake’s choice of “You can’t Hurry Love” for Sarah Bee and Dia was odd, but the results? Sarah Bee todally had the bigger voice, but she not only knew it, she used it to step on the other girl. There was no attempt at harmony and no chance she listened to Blake about “oversinging.” She reminded me of Danny Gokey of AI Season 8 – gorgeous voice, but no self-awareness or ability to work with others. I’m rather glad he went with Dia even if she had the lesser voice.

Adam had the opposite problem. Rebecca and Devon sang together beautifully, making their song (Radiohead’s “Creep”) even better, and a pleasure to hear. This is what a duet is supposed to be, and I didn’t envy him his choice, which was Devon. By the way, Adam Levine is the only coach who always does male/female duets.

Cee-lo had the very pretty Kelsey sing against the Thompson sisters. And while the sisters were off in their harmonies, their voice fit the song better. They annoyed me, but truth is truth. So he went with them.

It’s not just how they perform as individuals, it’s how they perform at all. A professional doesn’t try to outsing a partner, because that ruins the performance itself.


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