Top Chef Masters S3Ep6

Using only one sense to identify foods. First is only taste. Nose plugs, blindfolds and headphones. Floyd is claustrophobic and has a balance problem. Hugh is worried because he might gag and Mary Sue can’t taste without her nose.

Floyd gets none, and is out. Blames the disorientation.

Sense of smell. Mary Sue has a well-developed sense of smell. Traci got nothing right.

Touch. Hugh knows the features of your standard gummy bear. Hugh and Mary Sue get them all right, and Naomi and Celina get the same number wrong.

Sound. Mary Sue never developed her hearing because she had a loud home. Hugh only hears compliments.

Hugh wins.

I really like this challenge – cooking does engage all the senses,and this shows it.

Elimination challenge – Date Night. Someone named Chris Aagard, who wants to propose to his girlfriend. Dishes will be inspired by a seminal moment in the couple’s lives – one course per chef.

Hugh is not big on PDA. Chris passes around pictures – friends to lovers. Floyd has the same story.

J’taime – marquee and bracelet. Hugh is nauseated.
Sporting events – beer and pretzel.
First person to give him sushi. Called salmon chicken.
Mary Sue is flabbergasted they never had mussels or clams. I guess she doesn’t know many people who keep kosher or are allergic to shellfish.

Red Velvet cake and apple pie.

They split up the elements and courses, and brainstorm.

Hugh is making beef, broccoli and onion rings as bracelets (his first gift to her.)
Naomi – braised chicken thigh.
Traci is doing apple gallette and red velvet. It’s traci’s turn to do dessert.
Mary Sue has mussels and clams.

Mary Sue is cleaning the shellfish. I hope they’re not allergic.

Floyd considers himself a romantic. He’s cleaning watermelons.

Mary Sue married her business partner’s ex-husband (with Sue’s blessing.) Celina is boiling her pretzels – yay!

Traci’s scale is inaccurate by three ounces. This is vital when one bakes.

Floyd is making watermelon look like salmon sashimi and spicing it.

Traci gives up on the velvet cakes.

Mary Sue cuts off the top of her thumb. It happens. I’ve done this to fingers – just slice but ow.

The couple’s mothers will be watching the dinner.

Critics are James, Gail and Gael Greene.

Floyd had kama sutra black pepper shrimp (skewered in a yin-yang) with watermelon, lime and mint. Too spicy.

Floyd helps Celina plate. Soft pretzel with pale ale; frisee salad with mustard. Victoria loves the pretzel.

Mary Sue is feeling rushed. She serving mussels and clams portuguese style with sausages and wine broth. I guess if he were allergic, he’d have said so. Crouton is crunchy.

Naomi asks for help for plating. Thinks hers will look too rustic. Porcini braised chicken thigh with sweet potatoes two ways. I’d eat that in a moment. Huge and rich. They love it.

Everyone helps plate Hugh’s dish. Strip steak with broccoli, onion ring, celery root puree and bordelaise sauce. They’re very full but it’s delicious. Gael has slept with Elvis.

Traci has a gallette of apples, with je’ taime on the plate. She loves it. The dessert is dry.

Victoria says the key to a woman’s heart is diamonds.

Curtis makes an announcement to call on Chris. He gets on his knee and proposes with a ring. Hugh hopes she doesn’t say no. But she says “Yes”. The moms cry, and everyone else cries and applauds. James is crying real tears. As is Naomi.

Naomi, Floyd and Mary Sue called first to the critics. They were the favorite dishes. They liked Floyd’s aggressive seasoning and the “hugging” shrimp. Mary Sue’s mussels were perfectly cooked and the spicy sausage balanced it well. Naomi’s crisping the skin for her chicken made it perfect. Naomi wins. I want that dish.

Celina, Hugh and Traci bottom. Celina thought it was playful and they liked the pretzel but it wasn’t integrated. Traci’s gallette was missing moisture. Her first time in the bottom. Traci thinks they’re splitting hairs. Hugh thought his meat was fine; James’ piece was chewy. Hugh thinks their dishes hit the challenge. And yes, he cooks down to people. And they are splitting hairs at this point.

Celina wasn’t very creative. Hugh was banal and pedestrian. Traci’s tart wasn’t interesting and dry. Celina is finally going home.


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