The Voice S1Ep6

Ah, the Voice – you showed such promise. Singers who could SING and coaches who were smart and funny and real forces in the music world. Your first episode, with the turning chairs and the amazing voices – that was gold. Your second, with the turning chairs and less-than-amazing voices was less so.

And now the battle rounds are dragging on and on – four shows of only four duets appiece to whittle them down from 32 to sixteen, each team from eight to four. Wait – four weeks to just HALVE the contestants? And why didn’t I figure this out before?

First we have Casey and Jeff, who are on Adam Levine’s team. Adam, as usual, has a mixed duet, which I do admire. Casey had fire-red hair, Jeff’s a big ol’ country boy, and they’re singing, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”, and I really think Casey does a better job, although both are very good. Adam chooses Jeff.

Then we have Blake, and I’m going to tell you that I do NOT want to hear more country. He chooses Xenia and Sara, and assigns them “Stand by You”, and this is just plain the wrong song. You need a voice and power and experience to sing this song, and these two teen-agers don’t have any of it -as Adam Levine says. They’re nervous, they’re off-key, and neither girl has vocal power. Sara was marginally better. Blake chooses Xenia.

Christina is next, and mostly, it’s cleavage time, which is very distracting. Her two girls are Cherie and Lily, I forgot the song and neither were great. However, Cherie was somewhat better.

Then Reba (remember, Blake’s assistant) speaks up, because she’s very excited. She’s been wanting to meet Cherie because Cherie wrote her a song that has since gone to number one. And this is something. Something very interesting. Because why then is Cherie on this show – on ANY show? She now has excellent connections and an impeccable resume.

And Christina picks Lily.

Cee Lo’s final pairing is Curtis and Emily, and they’re singing “Need You Now.” Of course they are – and Curtis? Is a country singer, and this song is nominally country. They kiss at the end of the song, which is supposedly the shocking ending. I can’t tell which one is better or worse. He picks Curtis.

So they went with the lesser singer every time, the song choices were not good and four weeks of battles are FINALLY over.

I wonder how they’ll do the live rounds.


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