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With Adam hard at work on his second album, and being so very secretive about it, the fans who enjoy such things are starting to worry.

It’s all uncertain now – Adam is talking about the fall as a possible release time, but nothing more precise. As he’s still writing, even that’s pretty optimistic. I am an optimist, so I am hoping for a Black Friday release, with a late summer single. I am not counting on it.

Yesterday, the beleaguered mod on said pretty much that – that it’s impossible to guess anything, and that things can change.

Except, I also remember For Your Entertainment, and how it was released exactly when they said it would.

First Idol albums are special cases, though. They have to be made quickly while the artist is otherwise very busy first rehearsing for the tour and then on the tour itself. Somehow, they need to perform and travel and lay down tracks and maybe write all at the same time.

Those albums, over-produced and rushed, sung by tired people with tired voices, may well be the best selling album of the alums’ careers. And they may generate the only money the label ever sees.  And, of course, they’re new artists anyway, so the label would always have complete control.

And then we have FYE. Which was the album Adam had described very early on. Which was made with his own list of producers and writers. Which had a number of tracks he himself co-wrote, even though he wasn’t marketed as a songwriter.

And there were other things that made this more problematic than the average Idol album. Things that made the release less controlled.

Funnily enough, these were all good things. When he should have been recording, he was doing magazine interviews and photo shoots. Instead of an album song, he recorded a movie soundtrack. When the tour ended, he was given several leftovers from big name artists. He was given a chance to appear on an award show.

This meant he did the bulk of his recording after the tour, that he made a video for a non-single, and that he had to have a first album single that would work as a spectacle – which put off his first single until the last minute, and was a song no one expected to get radio play, but needed a video anyway. And also meant that a viable single had to be released the same week as the album.

At this point, I must state that this is complete conjecture. I know nothing.

So, Adam’s voice was not at its best, the extra rush meant more production, the soundtrack cut was never publicized, the award show was…interesting, and the speed in which the now surprisingly relevant “Whaddaya Want From Me” was released made fye look like a failure.

Whole thing could have been a disaster, and yet it wasn’t. WWFM went platinum and seems destined to be an AC standard. FYE was the best selling original album that week, is still selling, and even the single sold 300 k. Adam lost a network, but gained name recognition and better gigs.

So, now he has time to do this right. His voice is rested. He has a successful international tour and a Grammy nomination behind him. He is, again, working with the best people, doing his vision of his album, and he seems to have label support. And even his personal life is good.

The future is uncertain. Anything can happen. The latest crop of Idol albums is doing poorly. And he won’t tell us anything. But those with whom he’s worked have nothing but praise for him, and it all bodes well.


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