Adam and Publicity

I am currently in possession of a functional LAN card. My laptop is a total Frankenstein right now – I’ve replaced the screen, the keyboard, the fan, the battery and now the LAN card. Next thing that gets replaced is the entire computer. But right now I am grateful that I can actually reach the outside world with something besides my phone.

Back to blogging.

In an earlier post, I talked about Adam and Celebrity, and we can see that still playing out.

He made news with his behavior at Gaga’s birthday party (something that didn’t come to light until after I wrote that post). In the Adam bubble, it was, “oh, no! This is terrible!”. In the Idol bubble, it was, “Oh, ha! This is going to be bad for him.” In the real world, it was “a pop singer got drunk? Wow. This is unprecedented and unlike any other pop singer. But crashing Gaga’s party? Cool.” And then it was forgotten in the wake of other entertainment news that was also quickly forgotten.

But Adam still made the news. An unknown trashing Gaga’s party would have gotten one mention. And while it didn’t make us happy, it’s still true that all publicity is good publicity.

We can see why right now in how another Idol alum – a winner and a very popular one his season, who did better than his also popular runner-up – is doing with his second album. I like David Cook. A lot. I like the way he sings, I like the songs he writes, and I like him as a person. He’s smart, he’s funny and he’s a mensch. I wanted him to do well with this new project both for his sake and because I didn’t want yet another failed Idol album, after Lee and Crystal and Archie.

But David has been out of the spotlight for years now. He went on a year-long tour in February 2009, and that was that, other than a couple of appearances on Idol and showing up on the red carpet for the This Is It premier. You remember that, right? Adam showed up with Katy Perry as his date but they interviewed David, too. Oh, he appeared on the same GMA concert as Kris and Adam, and he performed on a Carrie Underwood Christmas special, all that same year. Which was still 2009.

He appeared on AI in 2010, to sing a cover for charity and they featured a song of his on that year’s Idol Gives Back, and he very obviously did NOT show up for the Simon Cowell tribute for that year’s finale. That was it for 2010. He spent that year making his album, doing his charty events and some one-off concerts. That album was pushed off, though, from spring to fall to this spring and now it’s ten days away. We heard it was finished and then he was writing new tracks and then it was finished and then there were more new tracks.

What happened was that David disappeared off the non-Idol radar. Season 8, which still looms over Idol like Mount Doom, overshadowed him and his tour. His singles, while still AC and HAC staples, peaked very high very early and then dropped,and he only had two of them – three if you count his coronation song. What happened was he never really got noticed outside the bubble and for whatever reason, chose to closet himself with his band and piano while doing this album.

And he’s paying the price for it now. Despite the huge fanbase from his Idol season (which I do believe he deserved), his album got very few pre-orders, and his single is losing spins. Idol fanbases move on to the next Idol. This is the nature of the beast. This is why that sophomore album is so important – it shows whether or not one is a viable artist for one’s label by demonstrating that one has either kept the original fanbase or expanded it. And, sadly, it looks like David has done neither.

It’s not his label’s fault. David has gotten a nice amount of publicity – talk shows, appearances, even the Idol boot song, which guaranteed at least one appearance, and got him two, plus it was on iTunes. And David has gamely been doing all of it with his charm and sense of humor, so it’s not like he’s wasting it, either.

I just heard a podcast with a woman, a tv executive, who went to the Idol finale. She’s an Idol fan, and a Cook fan, so she took notice of him. He was sitting on the opposite end of the same row as Adam. Adam had fans coming up to talk with him and get pics and whatever else during every commercial break. This we already knew from several sources. We even have a picture of Michael Orland and Adam taken by Kris Allen, who was sitting with his wife directly behind Adam and his boyfriend.

But this woman noticed David, too. And what she saw was…nothing. In a theater filled with hardcore Idol fans, the most popular winner in several years got no attention. This tells me, and the numbers for his album bear this out, that he’s lost his fanbase. It doesn’t matter where they are now – Kris, Lee, Crystal, Adam, James – they’re not with him. And they’re not with him because he was forgotten. It doesn’t matter why – the media weren’t interested, he wasn’t into the publicity game, he did nothing gossip worthy – it just matters that it happened.

As for Adam – he’s still getting paparazzi pictures after having lunch with friends, when he’s doing nothing more exciting than walking to his car (in fabulous clothes and those boots he never takes off.) He’s making news overseas because of a RUMOR that he was in an accident, and then because he had to dispel it. He has to make an effort to go under the radar, and he can only keep it up so long. His SECOND bio special is already scheduled.

When his second album comes out, the publicity will be about it, about the new music, not to remind people who he is and that he exists. Because he’s reminding people of that even now.


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12 Responses to Adam and Publicity

  1. queenrosered says:

    Adam is in his OWN league! There are MANY talented singers and artists today…but they ALL pale in comparison to the voice and charisma that IS ADAM LAMBERT! Those are simply the FACTS! He is a MEGA-TALENT and no one who has seen him ever comes away unfazed. Thanks for noticing! ;D (Queenrosered)

    • mamadeb says:

      Adam is a truly amazing talent, and probably the best voice we have today. If only talent and beauty and sweetness and intelligence were enough.

  2. Beverly says:

    Adam needs to stay in the public eye and not stay away too long! We as his fans have to help by voting on rediculous polls w/the thought it may bring him some recognition! We have to keep requesting and BUYING his music! Adam attracts attention just by walking down the street! He is definitely “eye candy”! He’s having to work extra hard than some others because of his orientation & mistakes he’s made. People love him or hate him, but they do talk about him! I’m a hardcore fan for LIFE and will support him at every opportunity and way I can!!

    • mamadeb says:

      I disagree. Adam is doing just fine by himself. The polls only really help the sites – the more we vote, the more hits they get. I see the polls as a RESULT of the publicity, not the cause of it, and as essentially meaningless in terms of Adam’s career (with the exception of VH1 countdown and award shows. Those are useful.) But if one enjoys voting, vote. It certainly will not hurt him at all.

      Adam’s mistakes are few and far between. His sexuality is something else, but even that seems to be less of an issue. And the key is that he IS being talked about – the worst thing is to be ignored.

      Requesting music – of course, but not to the point that the PDs hate us. As for buying music – I have mixed feelings for that. I don’t want to artificially inflate his sales, either. That means we’ll never know how popular he really is. However, I doubt there are enough people who do that to matter.

  3. Sharon says:

    Good article but just wanted to add that Adam didn’t crash Gaga’s party. He was invited by Jake Shears and came with him. He wasn’t kicked out either. Most of what was rumored wasn’t true. However he did hit the ceiling with his fist a few times caused by one to many drinks. But is this first time a celebrity has had a few too many drinks at a party? Heck’s just because it’s Adam Lambert was so much made of it. Perez lied about the incident which caused everyone to talk. That man Perez should be transported to Siberia or some place where there are no humans for him to try and destroy. I agree about David Cook but think the reason is that he lacks the charisma that Adam has to hold the attention of his fickle fans. There are many AI fans who have a new favorite each season and loyalty to previous a one flies outside the window. However Adam has a staying power that few others have.

  4. mamadeb says:

    This is true. Adam did not crash,nor was he kicked out, but people don’t remember corrections or, really, facts that make things less sensational. But my point remains – this didn’t hurt him one bit. All it did was move him further from the Idol image and into the pop star one, which is only to the good. I think Perez actually did him a favor.

    Because, yes, on the scale of pop star misbehavior, this is barely a 3.

    David does have charisma. He’s charming and he’s fast on his feet. He’s just not on Adam’s level.

  5. buffy522 says:

    Glad you have your computer back! I hate tweeting on my phone.
    I was a huge David Cook fan during Idol 7. But lost him as soon as it was over. I was not buying or listening to new pop/rock music (until Adam). I think that David is not charismatic, not that attractive and sings in a very crowded genre. I still feel that little arrogance that Simon called him out on. I don’t think he is arrogant. He just gives off tht vibe a little.

    • mamadeb says:

      I did buy Cook’s album and may buy this one, but I really didn’t pay much attention otherwise after his season. I was aware he was touring and enjoyed his S8 appearances, and that was it. I don’t think he’s arrogant, just confidant.

  6. LambertsLabelle says:

    “Adam has purple hair!” “Adam likes Britney Spears!” “Adam seen having lunch in…” “Adam bought a new earring!” We are just fascinated about this man and want to know EVERYTHING and when he disappears we ask over facebook and twitter : WITWIAFL !!!!!
    (Where In The World Is Adam Fucking Lambert!)
    We need to know what he does,where he is and we just LOVE to see happy,smiling Adam-pics..even he only has purple hair or was out for lunch.
    He is a worldwide addiction and we all Glamberts feel the same way about him.He makes his life transparent and includes us and gives back the love and energy we send him. Adam has a very special,personal,real and intime relationship with his fanbase and makes us all feel unique. No other human being makes me feel that special and I am happily married since 14 years. THATS the hughe personality-difference between Adam and other celebrities ..and dont let me even start with his out-of-this-world- talent and showmanship!

    • mamadeb says:

      🙂 I totally get that, and I’m married over 20 years myself. Yes, his personality and presence are extraordinary, and seeing him glow with happiness…well. And his fans and his personality, when added to that talent and his intelligence, should make him succeed. He’s not forgettable, and that’s going to help.

  7. LambertsLabelle says:

    OH..I forgot to comment….I was a passionated “SOULPATROLER” American Idol 2006 when Taylor Hicks won..
    He kind of disapeared right after Idol ,I lost him out of sight and then I lost interes…Thats what will not happen with Adam because he loves the limelight!

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