Adam and Rumors

Adam’s been pretty much hiding out the last few weeks – we really haven’t seen much of him since a fan caught him in London after the Moscow concert, other than one paparazzi picture with a friend of his. We’ve gotten a few tweets, mostly from people who have worked with him, and there was that whole Adam Levine tempest-in-a-teacup last week, but Adam Lambert did all his communicating via Twitter for that. No in-person interviews at all.

And, yes, the fans are getting antsy. We’ve endured longer silences and droughts (December- January comes to mind), but we’re in a time period when information is crucial to our sanity. Or something.

And right now, what we have is rumors.

This is not actually true – we have facts. We know Adam, as of a month ago, had co-written 18-20 new songs. We know he’s been in the studio for 6-8 hours nearly every day. We know some of the people with whom he’s worked – a mixture of hitmakers, indie thinkers, stars (hi, Sia) and his friends. And there are others we don’t know about because no one is saying anything. He’s worked in Denver, in Miami, in London and in LA. He’s repeatedly told us the album is due out in the fall, and his label says that they want a single a couple months earlier. This is in contrast to other people also in the studio, who are hoping for this year. And people have heard his demos, too.

We also know his Behind the Music, his second bio show, will be in August, that he’s had interviews in at least one magazine (People) and he was doing something that required make-up and wardrobe a couple days ago. Something that was not Behind the Music or an album covershoot.

Other than that, we have rumors. The big one is that there is a release date. The source is somewhat reliable, as he’s made successful predictions before. And he says it’s November 8. The date makes sense in the timeframe, and considering that he’s worked with people multiple times, which implies they’re finishing songs. That he’s letting people hear his music also implies it’s at a state to be listened to. So the album could well be finished in time for a Nov. 8 release – or even earlier.

Why earlier? Because Adam doesn’t want to release a single until it’s finalized,and there’s another rumor from a different (and also somewhat reliable) source that says the first single should be out by late August/early September. This makes sense in that it’s common practice to release a single a couple months before the album to build momentum for both. So, unless they release a single before the album is finished (with or without Adam’s consent, although we will never know because Adam will act like it’s the best thing ever no matter what), it could be in the can by the middle of August.

This is possible. He’s been working pretty much non-stop since the beginning of March, and it’s the end of June now. That’s about four months, so if we add in July and August, that’s 5.5. Which is longer than his first album PLUS he’s not touring at the same time, and I suspect he won’t be handed leftovers at the last minute, either. Still not a long time period, but Adam’s a workaholic and a perfectionist and he knows how important it is to get this album out in a timely fashion BUT not have it sound like an overproduced rush job, like his first one.

This is the career album, this is the one that would prove he’s a star, not some Idol contestant with a limited fanbase. He’s not taking any chances with it. And I’m sure he’s also watching what’s going on with David Cook right now so he knows what worked and what didn’t.

But these are still rumors and we still don’t know anything for sure.


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