Platinum Hit S1Ep5

We’re down to eight, and we have a budding romance in the middle of it to screw things up. And to make that even more clear, they have to write love songs.

This means that Jes and Johnny spend a fair amount of hook-writing time staring at each other and writing about what’s happening to them now – and we find out that Jes is on the rebound. As in, she broke up with her long-term boyfriend JUST before the show started. Yeah,that bodes well.

Everyone sings their love song choruses to Jewel and Ryan Tedder, with the notice that the winner will get a “massive” advantage, which, as it turns out, is true. What it isn’t is a twist because the winner always gets some kind of advantage, yet the songwriters all react like it is one.

Third place goes to Jes, who is singing about finally finding the right person (“It’s You”). Second goes to Nick, who is singing about the woman he’d actually lived with for three years as a teen-ager, and never got over. First goes to Sonyae, who wants, not to be loved to death but loved to life. I have no arguments with Nick or Sonyae, because those were the two strongest choruses. On the other hand, I felt that Jes’s was very weak. Scotty, with a song about the point where you’re ready to declare love but not sure how it’s going to work out – that was more powerful, I thought.

I did like it when Ryan said that the problem with Johnny’s hook was that he could only market it to John Mayer.

What’s the massive advantage? Sonyae, as winner, gets to pick ALL the teams. She picks Scotty and Brian for herself because they’re good at what they do in terms of music and because they’re other people’s favorites. She gives Johnny and Jackie to Nick because she wants to split the lovebirds and because she knows Nick doesn’t get along with either of them – especially Jackie. And that leaves Melissa with Jes, and neither are happy. Jes already knows she’s going to be doing it all by herself.

Sonyae picked an excellent team for herself – they all have different strengths that complement each other and everything just clicks for them. As it turns out, their biggest point of disagreement happens because the boys want Sonyae to wear something bright for their performance,and she thinks her short silvery skirt is enough. Yeah, major conflict. Only not.

Nick hates Jackie. Nick hates Jackie’s speaking voice and her singing voice (which is actually gorgeous) and her way of being totally unfiltered and they just grate on each other. But, as seems to always happen with Nick, they actually CAN work together. The three of them brainstorm something very creative out something that could have been really cliche’d. Maybe it’s because Johnny can mediate between them.

Jes and Melissa are useless. Melissa doesn’t contribute anything, and when Jes feels ill enough to need to lie down (I think it’s frustration and nerves, not actual organic illness, but that doesn’t make it better), she makes no attempt to write anything at all. And Jes can’t write, either, so it’s all bad.

And the end results in front of the judges show how this works out – Sonyae is terrific. I love the song, I love her voice and the music and the way she interacted with Scotty, and it would fit perfectly on the radio. When the judges question them, they proudly say who did what as a team, knowing it all worked well. It was a pleasure.

I like Nick’s song, but the addition of the third party is odd,and the judges are divided about it, with some loving it and some hating it. It’s still a strong song and with a little work and editing, might have been stronger yet. The team had conflict but they managed to produce something decent, and much as I hate him, I think that’s Nick because he’s done the same with other people he didn’t like.

And Jes’s song, which was weak in the first place, had a poor team and a sick writer? Yeah, it needed to be in last place. It was heartfelt, but that’s not enough – there was one good line there.

Sonyae’s team wins, and Sonyae as an additional prize has immunity for next week. She got that for having the biggest contribution to her song and, yes, deserved it. Nick’s comes in second.

As for Jes and Melissa – you can see it in their body language. Jes looks defeated. She knows it wasn’t a good song. Melissa looks defiant. And she really did nothing to help out because she can’t point to anything that she did, and the judges question her ruthlessly, trying to find out SOMETHING. Ryan Tedder is disgusted – if he was working with someone for six hours and they contributed nothing, he’d never work with them before. And she can write, as Jewel said.

And then Melissa decides that she deserves to be there because this contest was made for her, and it doesn’t matter what she did or didn’t do, and that Kara shouldn’t be asking her those questions and even that she doesn’t have to show them anything. Which was one of the dumbest things I’ve heard on a show like this. Why else is she there? To be blonde and loopy and cute? That hasn’t gotten her anywhere yet. She goes home, of course. The judges decided that before she mouthed off, but I’m sure it didn’t help her case.

Again, body language. Jes collapses in relief; Melissa, stating it wasn’t right, stands there with her hip cocked and arms folded. When she leaves, she asks fellow fallen songwriters to call her.


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