The Voice S1Ep9

Last night was the Voice finale, and wow, was it bloated? Two hours for eight performances plus two guest shots and a song by the coaches – and only four of those performances are supposed to count for anything. Could have been done in an hour and we’d have been just as happy.

The coaches decidedly did NOT nail it when they sang Under Pressure. Not even Christina can touch Freddie, and the others – just no. But Cee Lo’s red robe was amusing.

The contestants will be singing a solo of an original song PLUS a duet with their coaches. Sales of the original song count; sales of the duets do not. This is actually fair – everyone will be singing a song unfamiliar to the audience. Evens the playing field a little.

Javier sings “Stitch By Stitch”, which is either a song about sewing or surgery. Or, possibly, Frankenstein. He has a pretty voice, but it’s a dumb song.

Dia and Blake sing Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” while dressed as Men in Black. Yeah, yeah, Blues Brothers, but that’s what I saw. You guys are probably right but my mind sometimes makes a sharp left. It was…not Tom Petty. Dia has a breathy voice I’m not so fond of and Tom Petty needs real power.

Vicci’s song, “Afraid to Sleep”, fits her well and she sings it beautifully but the song is forgettable.

BTW, I’ve totally tuned out the coaches since they’ve gone the Idol route of “praise, praise, me, praise”.

Pitbull and Nee-Yo sing. There was a song. Also glow lights.

Christina and Beverly sing “Beautiful” and it is the highlight of the night. Of the series, even. Imagine, if you will, two women of very different styles and backgrounds but both gifted with powerful voices singing this song to acoustic guitars, both enhancing the other – no fights for dominance, nothing covering the sounds the make, and making us believe that both of them really ARE beautiful. Both on tune, neither turning on unnecessary vocal pyrotechnics, and it was what a duet was supposed to be. That plus the fact that in the entirely useless social media bit, it turned out Beverly is a Highlander fan – well, she has my (theoretical) vote. And apparently the lead guitarist was Linda Perry, who wrote the song.

Kat McPhee (Runner Up, American Idol Season 5 (aka Daughtry’s season)) also sings “Beautiful” for a new NBC series called “Smash”. She’s…good. She’s just not AS good.

Dia sings a song called “Inventing Shadows” and she has her pretty, breathy voice and the song works for it, but I honestly don’t remember more.

Adam and Javier sing “Man in the Mirror.” Javier does a terrific job, as expected, but Adam isn’t up to MJ and he’s pretty much drowned out.

Brad Paisley sings a song. At some point, Blake joins him, after name checking his fellow coaches.

Beverly has the last solo of the night. She sings “Lovesick”, which is a terrible song (and also references sewing, but here it’s a bad thing.) But she gives it her all, and it’s listenable, sort of.

And then. Cee Lo and Vicci do “Love is a Battlefield.” There is Cee Lo in a red spiked costume, and Vicci in leather and feathers, and there are children flipping and bouncing along, and I saw this video in the 80s. They sang well, but it was also one of the most fun things ever. Not enough to make me forget the Beautiful duet, but at least I enjoyed myself.

I haven’t the faintest idea who will win now. I thought it was Javier before watching, but I don’t know at all. Which is rather cool.


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3 Responses to The Voice S1Ep9

  1. samantha says:

    Enjoyed the review. You had me laughing with the MIB explanation!

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