Platinum Hit S1Ep6

Platinum Hit is apparently not a hit, given that they moved it from Mondays to Fridays. Fortunately my DVR caught it, but I’m guessing this will be the only season.

Even Jewel has lost interest – only Kara greets the songwriters when they arrive at this place in LA where busking happens. They’re told to write a hook/chorus about risk, and then perform it on the street. The ones who gets the most money will win. Which are Jackie, Johnny and Jes. Apparently, if your name doesn’t start with a “J”, you’re sunk. Also, Sonyae doesn’t play an instrument, which is a true handicap for that sort of situation. And, while we don’t know who got the least, Nick was begging for money by the end.

They pick their teams – Jackie chooses Scotty, Johnny picks Brian, Jes picks Nick. That leaves poor, immune Sonyae alone. No one wanted to pick her because if she was the only other person on the team and that team was last, the other person would be going home. Jackie has the choice of passing or taking Sonyae, and she takes Sonyae to join her now three-person team.

Now they have to pick genres for their songs. The choices are rock, reggae, country, pop, r&b. Jackie goes first, and Scotty suggests, of all things, COUNTRY because he thinks her song tells a story (of waiting for the person to whom she said “I love you” to say it back.) Maybe he’s channeling his namesake from a different show? Jackie goes along with it, and immediately regrets the choice, as she realizes she has two terrific r&b songwriters on her team.

Johnny and Brian decide that they’re capable of doing reggae, and Jes and Nick go for pop. And the teams work together.

There really is no team drama. Johnny and Brian click immediately; Nick really is a team player, despite his arrogance and Jackie, Scotty and Sonyae take the country thing and run with it, although Jackie isn’t happy that Scotty seems to be not doing the melody.

In the end, Johnny and Brian win. They’re very happy. And Jackie’s team loses. Jackie herself, during the “who goes home” segment, makes sure to make her teammates look good. Of course, there is no point in throwing Sonyae under the bus, since she’s immune, but she doesn’t have to say that Sonyae was with her for all the lyrics.

I’m a little upset. Yes, it was Jackie’s fault for picking the wrong genre. No question that that decision was what eventually sent her home. But this woman has been picked for the top three almost every week. And she does what she’s told and writes out of her genre (once she even said this in her hook, and she ended up writing a rap song anyway.) She has something going for her – I often enjoy her songs more than the others anyway (not this time.) I think she has a real future, but maybe she needs to stay away from the reality shows.

Or audition for The Voice.


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